Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Christmas Vacation: Day 8

Written on Friday evening...

Today was an aggressive program of rest. I got out of the stateroom in time for breakfast by the pool (the only one that runs until noon), then read and napped awhile on one of the Lobby Deck deck chairs. More napping than reading, I have to admit -- the chair I chose was next to the ventilation motors, so there was helpful white noise.

After that, I wandered up to the Ionian Lounge to get online. I paid a bill that I couldn't pay last week, answered some email, caught up on LJ, and posted a couple of entries. I also got to chat a little bit online. :)

Then I checked out the credit card that we have assigned to our Sail and Sign account. It's a new Rewards card, and only had a $1000 credit line. Although we'd asked them to credit back the gratuity to the account, it doesn't show up on the card, so I asked for a credit line adjustment. There was no place to suggest how much, only a spot to put gross monthly income. So I put down how much Flar told me that he was going to be making this year, and the credit increase that I qualified for brought it to a whopping $25,000!

The only problem I've found aboard ship has to do with the lunchtime schedule. We requested the second seating for dinner, so that we wouldn't have to rush to get back to the ship on port days, and still be able to eat onboard. I've been able to find late breakfast, but the buffet line stops serving lunch at 2:30pm. Generally, when I've been hungry for lunch, the choices have been the grill or pizza, the deli or the chinese restaurant, all of which have pretty limited menus. If there were one thing I could change, it would be for the buffet line to open for lunch until 4pm. Isn't 2 hours enough time to get it ready for the next meal?

Anyway, today I settled for sandwiches in the room. The room service beef sandwich has brie on it; there is more beef on the deli offering, but no cheese. I read and napped and played Monopoly with Tigger and Flar.

Flar and Critter both joined me for the formal dinner tonight, which was nice surprise. Flar and I both had Chateau Briand, and there was Baked Alaska for dessert. I thought about going to the Caribbean lounge to catch the show tonight, but I just don't have the energy. My cold is in the annoying drippy stage, even with the Sudafed.

Tomorrow, there are board games and then a chess tournament in the afternoon, that has peaked the boys' interest. I'm designated family member to attend the 11am debarkation briefing, so I've asked Flar to wake me up for a 9am breakfast.

I've been getting a good amount of sleep on this cruise. I suppose that's how my body wants to fight this cold.
Tags: cruise, finances, health

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