Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Christmas Vacation: Days 6 & 7

Again, writing backwards to catch up a day.

As I write this, I'm settling down to bed with my cold. Last night was the first night it presented me with sniffles, so I broke out the Nyquil and Sudafed-12 hour. After I finish writing, I'll get a good night of unbroken sleep with another dose of Nyquil and Sudafed-12 hour. So much for the late night shows on board. :(

Tonight for dinner, I had vegetarian black bean enchiladas, after starters of fried mozzarella and cream of tomato soup. The table next to us at dinner has a family from New York, including two pretty daughters that Critter has been enjoying talking to. The last two nights, he and I have eaten dinner in the dining room while Flar and Tigger have eaten at the buffet.

Before dinner tonight, Critter and Tigger played four rounds of chess, and Critter won all four rounds. He says that Tigger usually beats him these days, because of his chess club training. I'm going to have to encourage Tigger to get back into the game more before his next tournament. We were all in the lobby lounge at the same time, to give our steward a chance to clean our stateroom. Tigger spent most of the early part of the day sleeping, and when he was finally out of the room, I was taking a mid-day nap. So we decided we need to take a more proactive approach to being out of the room long enough all at the same time twice a day. ;)

My cold *may* be making progress against me because the last two days were rather active. Today we were in port in Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas. We arrived at 6am, and the entire ship had to go through US Customs before the ship could be cleared for anyone to disembark. It meant getting up at 6am, standing in line until the agents actually showed up, then getting our sail & sign cards scanned (and cleared to disembark) and showing our passports to the agents. That was it. The agent who cleared me complimented my slippers. I decided to go down in my Cuddl'Johns and Fuzzy slippers, since I wanted to go right back to sleep afterwards.

By the time I woke up again, it was too late for breakfast in the dining room, so I had breakfast by the pool. Then I napped some more until Flar was ready to go into town. Tigger chose to stay on the ship, but Critter joined us. I bought sarongs for Alaska and her fiancé (and me, since there was a volume discount), Flar bought a bottle of the perfume he and Guacha found in Cannes. It was the freebie perfume at their hotel, and they liked it so much that they took more bottles off the maid's cart. Now that Flar has run out, he's had trouble finding it anywhere, so he was very pleased to find it today, and he bought the "life-time supply" bottle with his Christmas money. Critter looked at fine watches and was very impressed by the high prices. Flar found a replacement to an on-the-rocks glasses that he'd broken in our pattern of Waterford, as well as a new piece, a tall tom collins glass.

At the beginning of the trip, I had said that I wasn't interested in shopping for jewelry, but I'd already broken that rule by spending some of my Christmas money on the earrings and pendant that I bought in San Juan. Today, while Flar was browsing for other things, I decided to check out some of the bracelets at a shop where I'd shopped before, many years ago. There were three or four bracelets that I liked in the Rainbow Topaz, but Flar declared that a bracelet wasn't in our budget this trip. Which gave me a graceful way to back away from the aggressive saleswoman. Later, on a search for an orange polo shirt for Tigger, Flar found a shop with comfy chairs, and actually suggested that I look at the bracelets. Apparently he thought these bracelets were much better quality for the price, because he said I could go ahead and get one. So now I have a complete set of Rainbow topaz jewelry, including the ring I bought myself last year. ;)

We did find an orange LaCoste shirt for Tigger, which he absolutely loved when we got back to the ship. I had a late lunch on ship, then read/napped a bit in the room until we decided to abandon cabin to get it cleaned. I was invited to a VIP reception for repeat cruisers tonight before dinner. I had a rum punch and some appetizers, didn't win the free bottle of champagne, and decided to rejoin my family in the lobby lounge.

Yesterday, we were in port at San Maarten. We arrived in port at 11am, and our excursion was scheduled for 12:15pm, so we had a pretty relaxed morning before leaving the ship. Our excursion was a barefoot cruise on the Golden Catamaran to a small Island off the French coast of the main island. I spent the beginning of the cruise on front of the boat with Flar, sipping rum punch, dangling my feet on the netting and letting the waves sprinkle me. My cold started to catch up with me, and from concern about how long to be in the sun, I went below deck where Critter was hanging out. Tigger spent the entire time the boat was in motion standing on deck, balancing without holding on to any railings or lines. Me, I was happy to have assistance getting around the deck.

We stopped for swimming, snorkeling and sunning on the beach. Critter went over to the beach, Tigger swam, and Flar snorkeled. I stayed on the boat, because my energy level was low. When the cruise was over, Tigger and I went back to the ship while Flar and Critter took a water taxi back to the French side of the island for in-town exploring.

I really wanted to stay up last night for the magic show in the Caribbean Lounge, but I was wiped out by the time dinner was over.

Tomorrow, I'm planning on an ambitious schedule of napping around the pool and in the cabin, with briefs spates of consciousness to eat and go online. It will be our first of two more days at sea, and the second formal dinner. I may dine alone tomorrow night. We'll see.

But now, to save this and get some shut-eye.

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