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Christmas Vacation: Day 5

Tuesday evening - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Flar and Critter watched the boat dock at San Juan, while Tigger and I waited in the stateroom. Then Flar came back to the room all ready to leave for the island to explore. Whatever. I still had to dress, and I'd order a snack to keep me until dinner, which hadn't arrived yet. We had a bit of a discussion which ended with me advising Flar to take a chill pill, and then a ship-wide announcement to the effect that we hadn't yet been cleared to leave the ship. hee hee. By the time they announced that we could disembark, I'd dressed for the evening, eaten my snack, and was putting on jewelry.

We took a taxi as close as we could get to the Fort, but it was after hours, and the streets were blocked off or something. We ended up at a government building, instead. We took pictures there, and then walked back toward the pier. I have said that I'm all shopped out, but I saw an ad for 3ct Rainbow Topaz earrings, and wanted to hunt them down. On our meander, Flar spotted various shops that interested him. By the time we were done, I had bought a 3ct set of earrings and pendant with chain, Flar had a new blue straw hat, Critter had a chess set, Tigger had a tiny frog and a bobble-head turtle, and we had various gifts for Guacha and Mom.

We ate dinner at Señor Frogs retaurant, which was really more of a bar. The food was so-so, but the saving grace was a bank of TV screens that included Funny pet video clips to amuse Tigger and me. The place was dominated by the stage where the crowd was roused by an energetic emcee. He had people dancing on their chairs (I did, until the guacamole arrived), and got people up on stage for misc. silliness. It seemed like a great Spring Break venue. I guess Flar and I are getting old. ;) I tried the Señor Frog drink, which turned out to be frozen, and green. It wasn't too bad.

After dinner, we headed back to the ship. In the port, Flar took us into the Duty-free shop to look for a cologne that he likes, and the boys bought watches. Tigger now has a dress watch, and Critter has a dressy geek watch. Once we were back on the ship, Tigger returned to his gaming, Critter went to the lobby lounge to read, and I fetched some drinks for Tigger and myself.

Tomorrow, the ship is supposed to dock at 11 am, and we're scheduled for an excursion at 12:15pm. I've decided I want breakfast out of the room, and Flar has agreed to wake me, so I'll be going to sleep shortly.

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