Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Christmas vacation: Day 2

The breakfast at the Marriott wasn't free, but it was yummy. I had two eggs over easy, potatoes, sausage, cantaloupe, biscuit and gravy. We got on the road by 9, with Critter driving first. He drove until we got to an oasis outside of Orlando, where we bought food and switched drivers. The toll plazas slowed us down; Flar is planning to take I-95 going back.

I finished the door net for between the dining room and the kitchen, and started working on the one for between the kitchen and family room. Tigger watched 2 hours of classic toons and played Starcraft after a short amount of conversation. More pictures were taken. We talked to Knight to ask a favor (Flar had asked Critter to shut down the computer in his office, and Critter forgot, so it was still popping and deleting mail), and Ro to wish her a Happy Birthday, and Mom, to arrange a time to talk on Christmas Day. Calls in the car are fun, because you get all four of us on speaker phone.

We are staying in a sumptuous condo in the northern part of Miami Beach: The Bath Club. It was (one of?) the first resorts to be built in the area, and has been rebuilt recently as luxury condos. Our condo is one being used by a realtor with whom Flar has a business relationship. No room service or maid service, but there's cable and wireless and clean beds. And lots and lots of space.

We ate at The Clevelander on South Beach, after stopping at Walgreen's. I'm coming down with Flar's cold, so I picked up Hall's and Advil (all I need thus far) and Nyquill (for later on the ship). We have to go back tomorrow to get time-release Sudafed (for later on the ship), as the pharmacy was closed, along with the behind-the-counter otc drugs. I'd rather take my own cold medicine aboard then take pot-luck from the gift shop.

Flar loves to walk along the beachside restaurants in South Beach, but I was worried about energy levels, so he paid to valet park by the restaurant. On our promenade, Tigger spotted a man doing "palm-igami." Since Tigger loves Origami, he wanted to tip him. I bought a rose, and we watched while he made an angel-fish for Tigger. Our waiter at Clevelander was very sweet, and found me a wine glass to hold the rose and angel-fish during our meal. The angel-fish "attacked" Critter with a cup of lemonade, when Critter tried to steal a slice of pizza from Tigger. Making the angel-fish Tigger's guard fish.

I was right about fading, and grateful not to have a walk to get back to the car. We're getting up earlyish in the morning, to get back to Sobe for breakfast at Cheeseburger, beach walking, and then embarkation.

And now for an early-to-bed, trying to fight this cold.

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