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We had Hisle family Christmas last night (nuclear) and tonight (clan).

Flar was surprised at the amount of gifts we opened last night, and pleased with what he received. He explicitly thanked me for making such a wonderful Christmas this year, noting that he hadn't had time to do much himself. Mind you, he was mostly busy working to pay for it all - and we got two checks in this week that made it possible for me to catch up on bills tonight, before we leave town. Including paying off the card we put Christmas on. Woot! On top of that, he was also fighting an annoying cold. I was mostly conspiring to keep him resting, and didn't even notice the shopping and wrapping; presents just seemed to accrete. ;)

The boys both liked their presents, and were very helpful today in getting ready to leave town and celebrate Christmas (again). We sort of rushed to get food prepared before getting there, arrived 30 minutes late, but only minutes before the Winchester contingent, so all turned out well. And we brought home leftovers (which I'll bring to church tomorrow), so I didn't undercook. There were many gift cards exchanged, and "just what I wanted" gifts as well. I gave Truly the second half of a set of two pair super soft slipper socks (I gave the first half to me from Flar), and she declared they were specifically on her wish list. :) Bébé and Scarlett were extra generous with Christmas money this year, in cash -- which means no extra bank run tomorrow. I received a lighted fountain, for which I will probably make room on my roll-top desk, and a Christmas watch.

The last gift we bought this year was for Brody. Many other gifts pretty much spoke up for themselves, but he was the puzzle. I bought Maker's Bourbon Cherries the other night at the Horse Park, and realized yesterday that they would be a nice gift for Brody, so Flar went out and purchased a Maker's gift basket to fill out the gift. Brody particularly like the on-the-rocks glass with the wax dripped bottom, but he immediately ate two of the bourbon cherries. I'd forgotten how much he loves maraschino cherries -- it was perfect for him.

Once we got home, we scurried around packing (the boys were packed, but for "request laundry" - Flar and I hadn't done much packing), and then I sat down to pay bills. I went to the various online sites that aren't auto-scheduled, including paying first and second mortgage at the bank, then printed the checks that needed printing. I've decided to leave the corrected bookkeeping until we get home, and Be On Vacation starting now.

A couple of days ago Flar and I looked at each other and said "What about Bob?" Last night, Critter called L's family to ask if they could help out. D & L showed up tonight to meet Bob, get instructions on food and water, and get keys to the house. That's when I found out that the key I've been carrying around all this time doesn't unlock the front door. It's what comes from only locking up the house when we go away on vacation. ;)

Hmm.. Thinking about where my back-door key is, for when we get back home...

Tomorrow, breakfast at Panera's with my ride to church, who didn't get to hear my story when I told it in Life Group, so we're going to talk before Life Group tomorrow. Then Life Group, then Flar and the boys pick me up at church on the way out of town. With a brief stop at the Audi dealership to possibly trade the jacket Flar got for Christmas for a different style.

Gonna cook up the rest of the sausage balls to take to Life Group then out of town with us, then sleep.

We're on the road tomorrow and Saturday, then sail from Sunday to Sunday, driving home Sunday and Monday.

I'm bringing my laptop with anticipated access in GA and FL, then I'll journal offline during the cruise, using my phone to check LJ and Email in the US ports.

Merry Christmas to everyone, and a Happy New Year!

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