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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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From the paper
Flar reads about the introduction of chewable, mint-flavored birth control pills. I'm thinking, if a girl can't swallow pills yet, is she really ready to be having sex?

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Bwhahahhahahahahha! That's a good one and very true. Really they need to have chewable bc pills for men..but then, can we really depend on them to take them?

*fails saving throw vs. tactless comment*

Ah… and the spit vs. swallow debate takes on a whole new layer of meaning.

Especially since the mint flavoring would be more applicable afterwards... ;)

I know it's rare, but Isolde_deely can't swallow pills yet. I thnk she's old enough to handle birth control though.

(seriously, doctors perscriptions have to be especially made and looked at closely to get around this problem.)

Actually it could come in handy just not for sex. I was on accutane for 5 months and they MAKE you take birth control (the doctors even regulate it) even though i'm 17 they told my family even my 11 year old sister would have to take it if she went on it. (which is NUTS) so i can see it coming in handy in that situation... but my birth control was always tiny pills, so i dont understand the whole chewable thing?

Are accutane pills chewable?

well yknow that ain't always the case. young girls even around 12-15 years old who have their periods need the pills to regulate them or just to ease cramps. but yeah, i see where you're comin' from.

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