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The bean cloud is officially banished.

Thunder came over today and kept me company while I cleaned. Before he got here, I decided on a systematic room-by-room approach. I put away Flar's whites, dumped out the towels-waiting-to-be-folded and started a load of work towels. By the time Thunder and Free arrived, I had finished sweeping the laundry side of the room, and was ready to move on to the jacuzzi side of the room. I made short work of the towels and got everything put away; then we moved on to the kitchen.

I got the microwave and first countertop clean, then took apart the Jenn-Air, which was due for deep cleaning again. I had all the contents out of the cabinet under the range, when it looked to be about time to pick up Tigger. After we got back, I tackled the cabinet. There is no longer any bean cloud left. There is also no longer any overflow from the grease jar; there is in fact a new, empty grease jar. I threw out a grease-infused towel and decided to replace the duct tape, for good measure. The only duct tape close to hand was my roll of purple, so the exhaust duct is now sealed with purple duct tape. Darn the luck. :)

The kitchen has quite a lot of mess left, but the area I tackled is sparkly clean, and I even duct-taped down the platter rack, to it doesn't move around anymore when platters and racks are pulled and replaced. Thunder and I have a plan to provide a replacement for the long missing (due to corroded weld) grease drain on the right side of the Jenn-Air, and he is interested in tackling the fan switch, as well. Yay for the possibility of safely operating four burners again!

Thunder was going to be picking up Ravyn and meeting Angel for dinner, so Critter talked me into joining them. I didn't have work tonight, so I got to enjoy family time. Flar joined us at the restaurant, and then after dinner we opened the presents Mom sent from China, via Dad then Critter.

Free is at the adorable age. She makes just the right kind of squeals and giggles, and has that high little voice, and she seems to inspire Critter and Tigger both to enjoy playing with her. Tigger was in charge of "babysitting" her this afternoon, and at one point he was in the fridge during hide and seek. Critter sat next to her at dinner, and had her laughing for most of the meal. I can look at her and imagine into the future what Critter would be like as a dad.

Tomorrow I have Life Group in the morning, then a Holiday Luncheon at school. I tied Tigger's new Christmas tie for him tonight (yes, my boys store their ties already tied, then loosened, on hooks ready to wear), and he's pairing that with his Hannukah socks, because the Hannukah socks are dark and the Christmas socks are white. heh. He's going to look sharp; I'll try to remember to take pictures.

I forgot to write about work last night. Three of the women who have worked for VeBridge for years were laid off, due to low volume. :( The holiday luncheon is still on for next Thursday, but the gift exchange was called off. Flar says they had a bump in business over the summer, then didn't make any more new sales. Sigh. On the bright side, this is the season when I'm better off with more time at home myself, so working only 10 hours in the week came as a treat for me. I should have more time for tackling the rest of the kitchen tomorrow.

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