Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Christmas Goodies!

Background: I've been living with a dying recliner. It's over 6 years old, but possibly as old as 8 years. The metal supports for the footrest are bent and it's hard enough to make it "un-recline" that I've taken to crawling in and out of it in the semi-reclined position.

The present: When Flar was reading the Sunday paper, he noticed that Dillard's is having a sale on recliners, and asked me if we still have a Dillard's card. He suggested that if I liked any of the chairs, I could buy it and have that as my Christmas present. I went to Dillards's yesterday and picked out this recliner. I've ordered it in "chili," a kind of brick red, which will make a nice accent color in the family room, and it's expected to be available for pick-up by next Friday.

Squee for new chair!

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