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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Texan

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As Critter would say, Bibble
Busy Day
I'm home. It's my night off work. I could be catching up paperwork. I could be washing dishes. I could be wrapping presents. i could be folding laundry or even washing yet more of it. I could be tackling mature lairs of clutter. I could be continuing to update my address book - hey, that even means stayinig online.

What I want to do is curl up in my chair, which is broken in the reclined position, so a bit of a climb, and watch TV or read a book. Or nap.

Ooh, I figured out from whence sprang the lassitude. Sleepy'kin.

I only worked 5.5 hours last night (all that was in the queue), but I still didn't get a full night's sleep, as I had to drive Tigger to school this morning. Flar had an early morning meeting in Louisville. I'd planned a breakfast date with >>ooh, you said you'd be reading today, so you get to see me give you a nick in my journal, which you'll see updated in my neighborhood and everything...<< Mary this morning, and of course we spent the entire time she had while her daughter was in preschool talking over yummy food.

Next time, olives, lol

I'd say I didn't even feel the tiredness until now, but thinking back, I quailed at any of the tasks I faced: dishes, laundry, clutter-drawer-clearning-for-purse-stuff-storage, my purse, okay, yes, I think I was already tired. I just remembered the state in which I left my bedroom. sigh. I used up all the good TV this afternoon, watching Heros.

On the other hand, I set up an auto-record for anything Christmas, so I could see what the box found and do dishes. Napping just sounds so attractive.

Flar said I could replace my recliner, if I like any of the ones on sale at Dillard's, and that would be my Christmas present. I think I shall take him up on it. Critter is in Frankfort though, so I'm sitting here, sleepy, wondering if I'm bored-sleepy or body-sleepy, and whether I can rouse myself for picking out a chair-with-later-pickup. mmmm, new furniture.

The Christmas Holiday Party (I can actually get behind that use of Holiday, considering the owner of the company is Jewish) for work is on the 14th. I"ve decided the 14th is a good deadline for cards and other girfts at work. The 15th is the Christmas Party in Life Group. Hannukah begins at sunset the 15th. The 16th is the Seasonal Party (okay, and now I'm just having fun with variety) for JIG - Flar's company in Louisville. The 17th is my cookie party. We've been talking about opening presents on Hannukah, since we're going out of town for Christmas. Knight suggested twelfth-night, which is great for exchanging gifts with Knight and Ro, but I don't want to make the kids wait until after the cruise to open packages. Wow. what a packed weekend that will be.

I need to order the coins -- very late this year.

Why have I been spotting for a week solid? This is so weird.

Okay just bibbling. Nothing to see. Move along.

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had a great time this morning getting to know you better. it went by so quickly. thanks for being so honest with me and letting me be honest with you. i respect your confidentiality!
i was wondering how you chose my name though?!

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