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Turkey Weekend

Lessee, I already wrote about the dinner itself.

After dinner, we sat around a bit, me writing LJ, the boys helping Flar plan Black Friday. Then Flar and Gaucha retired for a nap, as Critter, Tigger, Playuh and I pulled first shift in the Best Buy line.

Black Friday Adventures

We got there at 11:30pm, and the line was already around the corner. We ordered pizza twice -- the second time was purely for the warmth.,

Around 4am, they started handing out the line vouchers. We missed the voucher for the cheapest laptop, but snagged one for a $599 Sony Vaio that Knight pronounced to be a much better machine. I left the line to go on my separate errands at Circuit City a bit before Flar and Gaucha joined the boys in line. They were successful in getting everything on their list, with the minor change in laptop model, and were done by 6 or 6:30am.

I missed out on the ridiculously priced bin items, but got the games for Tigger and a DVD, as well as blank CDs and DVDs. I also picked a couple of stocking stuffers. But the line for Circuit City was Extremely Slow. I didn't leave the store (which opened at 5am, just like Best Buy) until 8:40!

I got to Michael's in time for the before-9am coupon to be initialed, then ended up buying so much that I used the effective 33% off turkey bucks, instead. I got yarn for a sweater for me, along with supplies for work-gifts, a gift-exchange gift, and new Christmas lights and a box of snowflake ornaments.

I finished in time to get to Joseph-Beth only a little later than the other ladies from my Life Group, and before a couple of stragglers. We chatted and ate breakfast and were joined briefly by Flar and Gaucha.

After I left the bookstore, I went to Target for the one item Flar put on my list: a t-shirt with a funny saying for Playuh. That was situated with the boxer shorts, which reminded me that I needed to buy Christmas Eve gifts, and that I wanted to celebrate Christmas Eve before Gaucha and Playuh leave. Then I spotted a cashmere scarf for Flar and a couple of fine weave sweaters for the boys, and by the time I was done, I'd spent $150 on the $5 t-shirt.

My last stop was Radio Shack, which had no suitable mice for Tigger, but I bought an iGo car charger for Flar with tips for his Treo and his iPod. And I found a CF-card-USB reader for a stocking stuffer for me.

By the time I got home, I was exhausted, but wired. Critter hauled everything out of my car for me, without looking inside any of the packages -- which is how I ended up with a bag of recycling on the bed along with all the gifts. I've got until tomorrow morning to finish clearing off the bed, as that's when Flar will be sharing it with me again.

I couldn't find sleep in bed, but once I got all snuggled into my recliner chair in front of the TV, i was out like a light.

Later in the evening, Critter and TIgger and Playuh and I joined Knight and Ro at the theatre to see Happy Feet. It was a really fun movie, and by the time we got home, I was done in.

Saturday's adventures

Flar woke me somewhat early on Saturday - with an offering of hot breakfast - to suggest a day at the aquarium. Critter and Tigger have been there multiple times on field trips, so they bowed out. Which meant that Gaucha and Playuh and I got to ride in comfort in Flar's car, up to Newport. We got to see Scuba-Santa, the new sea turtle, Sweet Pea the Shark Ray, otters and penguins. Among lots of other aquatic creatures. I took some video clips of the penguins, which I may post later.

After the aquarium, we ate at the Istanbul Cafe, right next door. Gaucha and I split a bottle of Cabernet, which certainly did nothing to prevent much merriment over the meal. We left sated and giggly, to drive home.

In the spirit of the weekend, we stopped at the Dry Ridge outlet mall, where Gaucha found lots of cheap jeans, I found a nifty scalloped-edged chenille sweater, some pretty boxes, and a bunch of kitchen things.

Next stop was Brody and Truly's, out in Winchester. Truly is recovering from some sort of surgery, but appears to be doing well. We sat around and chatted for a bit, but didn't stay late, not wanting to tire her out. Brody toured Gaucha around the house, and then exchanged Black Friday stories with Flar.


Matt was bustling around when I woke up on Sunday morning, and fixed me breakfast again. Gaucha was rarin to go on cleaning the kitchen -- I had gotten Flar to hold her off until after Thanksgiving, but we both forgot about the "not while I'm home" part of the process. So of course, I managed to find a trigger for the building stress and got all upsot. The trigger was Flar speaking harshly to me, but the stress was the unloading of all the cabinets and countertops and asking me about cleaning supplies, etc.

I'm happy that the kitchen is clean and the bean cloud is banished. But I'm not happy with how I reacted to it all.

I escaped by fleeing to church early with Critter, and talking to him about needing khakis calmed me down. His only pair of cargo khakis that fit have pink splotches from painting Ro's prospective nursery. As he wears 30/34s, we're resigned to going online. Talking about something concrete helped. But, seeing C at church brought back the tears a little, for the nearness of sympathy.

Service took me back front and center in Christ's loving arms and turned me all right-side up again. yay church!

We stopped for a bite of food on the way to the library to drop off and pick up audiobooks at the library, then Critter called to make sure they were done with the kitchen before we headed home. ;)

I decided that I wanted to get the lights working on the pre-lit tree, but alas, it was not to be. But, Flar took pity on me and approved a replacement purchase at Lowe's. Where I bought the display model, and avoided all the attractive sparkly objects.

After we bought the tree, and dropped off TT, we met Gaucha and Flar for dinner at Hunan. Mmm, freshly prepared Chinese. :):) Then we went to Scarlett and Bébé's to share pie and company. We left the mincemeat pie with them, and got home relatively close to Tigger's bedtime.

Monday: Back to Reality

Yesterday I slept in, preparing for a late night at work. Knight joined me to pick up Tigger from school, and our disciplinary trip to Lowe's on the way home. It seems that there are fact two fist-sized holes in Tigger's wall, the latest of which is covered by a picture. We picked up wall patching supplies, which Tigger will use under Flar's supervision. Tigger is restricted from any video or computer gaming until his walls are fixed, and from any fighting games for a solid week due to poking me with a sharp drinks sword.

We continue to pay for Critter with TIgger. ;)

Yesterday evening, I picked up dinner and joined C and L at C's house, to talk with them about my story. In part, to tell me story, in part to discuss sharing it with the rest of my group on Friday. I didn't expect to be there 3 hours, but there you are. It's not a simple story. And certainly not a finished one all tied up with a pretty bow. We talked about poly being about (for me) loving relationships, not simply sex. We talked about the retirement of Audrey. We talked and talked and talked.

Work was short last night, so I got home by 2am, even after clocking in at 10pm. I was too wired to sleep, even after finished my latest book, so I wrote up a pageful of notes about my story, which I may or may not use when I talk on Friday, and then spent some more time writing out lists. I finally settled down to sleep, and couldn't stay in bed past 10am. That's what I get for praying for energy today. ;)

Today I'm focussing on cleaning the bedroom. I sorted the laundry, since I'm washing sheets as part of the bedroom process. I've got clean clothes and lots of miscellaneous to put away properly, the bed linens to change, and packages to sort and wrap. Need to pick up dog food and laundry chemicals while I'm out. Tonight we celebrate Christmas Eve with Gaucha and Playuh.

Tomorrow I'm journeying to consignment stores with Gaucha and Scarlett, attending First Wednesday at Quest, and then working.

Thursday, I have an outing with Knight and then work at night.

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