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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Prognosis poor
For limited items, that is. We're around the corner of the building. On the bright side, Knight just arrived with chairs. And, Sir Pizza is still delivering, so Critter ordered a pie.

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Mick is getting ready to drop the Micklet off at a local store, in hopes of snagging a big-screen TV. He's been waffling between the Best buy deal, and the Micro-tech one.
I guess teenagers *do* have their uses :)

Re: what are you after?

Playuh wants a laptop & PS2s, Critter wants flat screen monitor, Tigger is getting a camera from us & buying something else on his own. Gaucha wants a new MP3 player & Flar is getting a couple of movies. I'm just in the line socially.

Knight's after the same thing as the Micklet.

Micklet is #104 in line, and was told that there's at least 100 of everything advertised - but if they have 100 42" TVs, I'll be amazed! Still, perhaps most of the peeps there are wanting laptops or such...
You should be getting in soon - good luck!

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