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Quiet evening at home

Edited excerpt from an email to Mom (Currently in China):

Flar just now (10:25p) told me that Dad called him at 2p to let Flar know that he got on the place to China successfully.

Guacha arrived safely, and just retired for the evening -- there is now a 3 hour difference between Brazil and here.

After Flar got home, we went to the grocery store (all six of us) in Critter's car. We shopped with one cart for us, and a smaller one for C, who had a baby girl on Tuesday. We got a little turned around in her neighborhood (Critter and I had only been there once), but it was fun to be able to see the baby, and to bring food. I told her we only brought the bare essentials, but that included egg nog and ready-bake cookies. ;)

We spoke FOUR different languages together at the dinner table tonight: English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. It was really fun. I made (homemade) Shake and Bake chicken thighs with garlic butter crescent rolls, and Flar made a nice salad. Critter set the table and poured the drinks, and Playuh helped clear after dinner.

After dinner, we sat around a little in the family room, where I took some pictures and we tried out the USB feature on the TV, to see the pictures on the big screen. Here are the pictures, nothing particularly impressive. I was behind the camera, and I seem to be the only person who can take pictures with the CoolPix that aren't blurry.

Here are some of the pictures I took tonight.
Critter Flood

Critter was playing SimCity on his iBook.

I've just printed this picture to put on my desk, in the Scotty frame.
Ouchie Gaucha & Bel

Gaucha & Bel

Watching an HD special about Miami.
Tigger Dizzy

He was busily reading for his English class: On a Pale Horse (Incarnations of Immortality, book 1)


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