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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Mom's in China
I'm used to calling her on my way to work every night, so if you get phone calls from me around that time, you know I'm missing her. ;)

Anyway, she's got email access at my brother's, so tonight's update is taken from my correspondence with her.

Meanwhile, back in America, Tigger got a phone call from a girl today. Her name was G, and she wanted to know something about Social Studies. He said she sits at the same desk as he does in class. He's an A+ social studies student, so that probably has something to do with why she called him, too. ;)

Critter has found a buyer for his iPod Mini - $50 and a batch of cookies. Why yes, the buyer IS a girl. I was amused. Critter is putting the money toward the iPod we are planning to buy for Flar for Christmas. I will be putting the proceeds from selling my old laptop to the same purpose. We have gotten Knight and Ro to agree to go in on it, and Critter is going to hit up approach Brody and Bébé this weekend.

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So, how much you want for your old laptop?

$50. It's a "wallstreet" Apple Powerbook G3. The battery is decent, I have a wireless card and USB card for it. It's got Mac OS 9 on it, and MSOffice and Appleworks and bunches of other stuff.

Sounds good. Not sure about Mac. Let me check with Libby. She has been wanting a laptop for a while now.

The Libby has spoken with a no, but Leon says yes. So, if it is still available, I would like to get it for him. I get paid again on the 24th. Would you like cash, check, or paypal?

Yay! That's great. :) Any of the three forms of payment is great for me -- I recently switched back to paypal basic, so they don't extract fees from me. What are y'all doing Thanksgiving weekend? Maybe you could come by for a visit. We're planning on dinner on Thursday, then holiday shopping on Thursday night/Friday morning, then napping, then I'm hoping to spend the rest of the weekend decorating.

no idea of plans yet. waiting to hear back from my birth-father. thanks for hooking us up with the computer. Leon will surely be enjoying his early christmas. lol

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