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Better now; general update

Note to self:

What I did tonight was a good choice. I told Flar I was irritated, left (a tad early, but not unreasonably so), wrote out my bitches, found them to be wanting, chilled, cleaned and got over it. No fight. No lasting bad feelings on either side. Wow.

The cake was almost completely eaten, but we have extra cupcakes. The boys will make short work of them.

I've discovered, when making a late dinner of omelets for Flar and Playuh (and me, cause well, I love omelets), that I like avocado as a filling for omelets. Yum.

One of the ladies in my LG has delivered a 9 pound baby boy, and another has scheduled an induction sometime next week for her baby girl.

Another of the ladies in my LG has successfully undergone shoulder surgery.

I have volunteered myself in a coordinating role for getting meals fixed in and rides to PT.

Flar and I went to UK Hospital on Monday to learn about the kidney donor program. Turns out I'm over the being scared about it. Prayer? Accustomization? Information? whatever.

I learned that I am an unsuitable live donor due to my gestational diabetes. Which makes me feel less guilty about my being overweight, which is the main cause for my high blood pressure. Their requirement for excellent health is a pretty high bar. Guacha has expressed interest in the past in being a donor; she may get tested for compatibility if she still feels that way. Flar and I have differing memories on what Bro has told us about himself and polycystic. I thought he was cleared when he was tested; Flar thought he said differently.

We found out (he had previously not known) that Flar is type O+. Since Rh factor is irrelevant for this purpose, I teased Flar about my brother (O-) being a donor. He's not eligible because of being in remission from Hepititis C, but it's fun to tease.

The house did not stay nearly as clean as I'd have liked since the Halloween party. This coming weekend will be a cleaning push, around Critter's birthday and Tigger's French Immersion day.

Critter is recovering from surgery on his toe. He inherited his dad's tendency for in-grown toenails, and has to go back on Monday to get part of this toenail deadened at the root. Ugh. He was laid up Friday and much of the weekend, but he's getting around without his cane now. He got an email this week about an open campus day at Rice, and promptly talked his grandad into facilitating a flight down to Texas over the weekend of Dec. 3. Mom and Dad picked up the slack for his not-quite-25,000 miles to get the airline ticket, as well as the price of hotel rooms. Daddy is working in Austin that weekend, so he's flying into Austin, hanging out with Daddy and then driving down to Houston for the program on Sunday. Daddy's flying out Sunday night, so Critter is staying with friends of my parents who live near IAH, before he flies home on Monday. Idea conceived Monday afternoon, planned and executed by bedtime. I think Mom's feeling flush because they paid off their mortgage last month.

Tigger is doing pretty well in school for a flakey kid with a decidedly non-a-type approach to academics. He's brought up his French grade, he's going great in Math and Science and Social Studies, and he's doing much better in English this year over last. Chess tournament season is ramping up -- there was a tournament last weekend, another the weekend before Thanksgiving, and one or two in December.

I'm getting enough sleep this days, and almost even doing some housework, but I'm loving the slack that comes from being on three days again. All the days I want off this month are Tuesdays or Fridays, so I didn't even bother writing a note for November. Sweet.

Looking forward to company before and for Thanksgiving.

Oh, and scheduled to share my story with my life group on Dec. 1. Just sent a note to my leaders to get going on a powwow with them before talking to a larger group. I may take a stab at writing out some notes. There's a bunch to share, and I'd love to be able to put it in some form of organization.

Time to toddle off to bed like the daywalkers.

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