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Feeling bitchy

Two days ago, Flar casually asked me to think about what I might like to make for the Republican Party Election Day Party. I thought about, and then suggested cake. When I went to buy the cake mix, I found star-shaped cup cake cups, and bought them and two mixes. Flar was excited about the star-shaped cup cakes. He was also pleased when I said I'd be able to go to the party for part of the evening.

Now I'm sitting home feeling unreasonably bitchy. I can watch the election results if I like, but not in HD, because he took the HD antenna with him to the party, to provide UHF signal for the (non-HD) TV that he took to the party with him. I suppose I'm not grouching about that, since I chose instead to watch Agnes of God.

I'm grouching because I stood outside the Old Jail (in downtown Nicholasville, the building we were using for the party), waiting for Flar to get there with the key. As I was joined by candidates' families, I was put in the position of de facto hostess with the leastest.

I had chess club with Tigger today. The plan was, for me to go to the party separately with Tigger, since (a) I wouldn't be there by 6 as Flar was planning and (b) that way I could take TIgger home in time for bed.

I left the cake and cup cakes and jail-house key at home for Matt, since it was his plan to be there first.

Operative word. Plan.

He was almost a full hour late. He brought the TV out of our bedtime, the HD antenna, the cake and cupcakes, a pie cutter to cut the cake (a definitely trivial quibble), lime sherbet and a punch bowl. He sent Critter and Playuh next door after 2-liter bottles of Sprite and Big Red. And ice. I suppose in case the sherbet wasn't cold enough to cool the punch. Whatever.

He broke the HD antenna while he was trying to adjust it. Sigh.

I guess part of what made me mad was him assuming that it was reasonable to send Critter over to stand at the courthouse for who knows how much of the night to call over with election results. Critter, still recovering from ingrown toenail surgery and who was busy trying to finish outlining a chapter for history tomorrow. I realized I was angry and that I needed to leave, so I told Flar why, and then left with Tigger and Critter in tow. Tigger got to bed on-time; Critter is working on his history homework. I'm going to do some "I'm mad and need to burn energy" cleaning in the family room while I watch Agnes

No, the real reason I was mad is that Flar was supposed to be in charge of the party, to which he invited me, did not recruit me; he didn't bother to even show up on time, things were completely disorganized and I just wanted out.

So I'm home, and now I'm done bitching and I get some work done.

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