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Halloween Weekend

Wow. It's only 9. I know why it feels later, but why does it feel like it's midnight?

No doubt because of how busy the weekend has been.

It started Friday morning after only 2 hours of sleep.

We had a baby shower at Life Group, which was lots of fun. Knight says I don't get to plan one for Ro until Biomom signs the papers. After Life Group, I called Flar to see about lunch. He was working to get something out by the end of the day, so he suggested I pick up pizza. On my way to the bank to deposit some checks, I got a call from the school.

Tigger brought a knife to school. He was so wrapped up in not bringing the toy gun part of his mobster outfit, that it totally escaped his mind that real knives are weapons, not merely tools. Since Flar was working a deadline, it fell on me to come into school, talk to the director and take Tigger home. He was extremely upset, knew he'd screwed up and was very remorseful. He was especially upset because he would be missing school on Monday, when classes were in session. He loves a day off from school, but only if the rest of the school is out, too.

Tigger is suspended until he can see a psych and get a letter stating that he is not a threat to the community (the school) or himself. Lucky for him, the Dr. who evaluating him for learning difficulties is a huge fan, and will be happy to see him on Monday morning, and do whatever paperwork is necessary.

Meanwhile, Critter and Playuh have been planning the Halloween party for a month, and we'd invited TT over to play with Tigger during the party. I called Grace and explained the situation. We decided to keep the boys together, and she said that TT would be fine with following Tigger's restrictions - no video games or computer games. He and TT played card games all night, and watched the one hour of allowed TV. Since TT had been rock climbing with the boy scouts, it was easy to get them to try for sleep as early as the mandated 10pm. Try being the operative word, since the music was rather high volume during the party.

I had called into work while I was driving Tigger home, and found out I could wait until Monday to come back in. This freed me up to do massive amounts of laundry and help with the final cleanup before the party, then sleep with the daywalkers.

Critter and Playuh not only got the house amazingly cleaned up, they also decorated it pretty extensively. They spent the $100 decorating allowance negotiated with Flar, as well as using a lot of our old Halloween party supplies that were stored in the freezer room. The front hall was pretty much impassable due to the cobwebs, and the Library was a classic haunted room, complete with strobe lighting. Flar wore scrubs for the party, and my idea to be a Pict didn't pan out, so I fell back on a more comfortable vampire outfit.

I made a total of six dozen pizza cups during the party. That generated a little over a dozen leftovers, as well as leftover ingredients. About 14 kids showed up at the party, which looked like a lot, since they tended to stick together as a bunch. Playuh provided a dance mix (it's so weird to listen to Gansta Paradise after hearing Weird Al for so long), and the kids all seems to enjoy themselves. Many pictures were taken, so the party may be well-documented on Myspace. ;)

Most of the kids have an early curfew, so the house was emptied out by 11:30. Knight came over to see the decorations and hung out awhile, then we all turned in.

This morning, we slept in, then played hooky from church and went to I-Hop. yum. While we were waiting for our table (in Flar's comfy warm car), we built a grocery shopping list, and then after brunch, we shopped on full tummies. I have a list of meals for the week, and lots of fresh ingredients.

Once we got home, there was a bit of carb-overload napping, then a very lazy end to the day, with Critter doing last minute homework, and Flar and I watching movies on the satellite. Tomorrow, I have a small bit of laundry left to finish and a somewhat ambitious 3-D things to do list in order to find the desk surface of my roll-top again. And a trip out to the psych's office mid-morning. And dinner. Then work.


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