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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Some days are just like that.
Bad Day
Yesterday was one of those days.

Critter took his car to the dealership to get a new key-fob programmed. While he was there, they did a free multi-point checkup, and found a cracking serpentine belt and two leaks. Their estimate was expensive, and the details were written up on the copy they kept.

Flar took sick in the evening. Not going to share his private stuff here, and not to worry, as he was able to be seen by the doctor this morning and has a perfectly good prognosis. But it was something he'd no experience with, and honestly, he turns into a little boy in those situations. So I got to be Dr. Mom and delay (admittedly not by much) my departure for work, waiting for him to decide between toughing it out overnight and going to the ER.

It rained enough to find our mysterious ceiling leak again, dripping all over the ramp in the jacuzzi room.

Playuh and Critter removed the wallpaper border in the nursery for Ro. Critter didn't do much of the work, as he had the appointment at the dealer, and he left my house/office keys in the nursery when he left. I picked up Playuh, who was finished an hour and a half before the earliest that Critter would be back from picking up Tigger, and didn't know to look for my keys.

I got all the way to Zandale before remembering that I was stopping in Southpoint for my keys. Did I mention that it was raining, and already well after dark? I dislike driving during rain at night. No accidents. Go me.

On the bright side...

The boys did a good job at Ro's, and came in nicely under-budget. They have won the (completely non-competitive) bid for the painting job, to be commenced today after Ro gets home from work.

Critter now has a shiny new key-fob and will be replacing the serpentine belt (a) before it breaks during driving and (b) while he was the week off from school to get competitive pricing. He just got back (via bicycle) from Powers, who wanted to look at it to give him a price.

I had a nice short list of work last night, so I got plenty of sleep when the day-walkers do it, so that I could drive Flar to the doctor this morning. As mentioned, Flar will be fine. And, bonus: Critter got to drive Tigger to school this morning, something he's been looking forward to doing -- it's so cool to have a new driver eager to take on the driving chores -- so that I could drive Flar to the doctor. In his luxurious, but enormous, A8L.

Which meant we were already out and about when we got the call from the school saying that TIgger is too sleepy to participate in class. He went to bed at 9:30pm, Christopher woke him at 6am, he napped 'til 7, and then in the car on the way to school. We have an appointment at 2:30pm with his FP to see if we can figure out what's going on. I'm hoping he doesn't end up with a 7pm bedtime...

Until then, I've laundry and filing to keep me occupied. And maybe work tonight. Thinking of calling to check on that.

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Just 'cause Tigger went to bed at 9:30 doesn't necessarily mean he went to *sleep* at 9:30. Just FWIW. ;)

We quizzed him about it. He was in bed and sleepy by 9:27pm. His eyes were closed when he went to sleep, so he can't report an exact time on that. Critter reported no light or sound coming from his room at 10pm

In comparison, Critter was wide awake at 6am and eager to wake Tigger.

Back from the doctor, the possibilities are: mono - it's going around; anemia - from his weird eating habits; internal stuff - we have an ultrasound scheduled for Friday to look at his kidneys and spleen. He also gave three vials of blood today for various tests. I wish my veins were as easy to tap as his.

I've had mono once - and it certainly does make one tired / lethargic. You might check and see if he has any jaundiced areas - it frequently accompanies mono, as does sore throat, headache, and frequently fever.

Poor li'l guy.

Does Tigger snore? Has he had his tonsils/adenoids out? If the answer to the first is yes, or the second is no, you might want to consider a sleep study to see if he has apnea.

Skinny kids develop it too, especially if they tend to be on the bouncy side.

Nope, doesn't snore. Dr. S. asked. See my reply to Ro's comment about all the testing... We may know something more by Monday, the way I see it.

If it drags on, and the blood tests are negative, then a sleep study may be what happens next.

IANAD so I think I will stop now.

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