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Saturday - We're experiencing the first cold snap of the fall. It's one of those clear, bright days where the fall colors just pop out at you. We're not turning the heat on until November, so we've got the space heaters out and scattered about the house. Our bedroom was like a furnace last night - Flar is feeling the cold more than I do, these days.

We were going to take the boys to I-Hop this morning, but the rumours of their opening were somewhat premature. 10 days and counting. We had breakfast at Perkins instead, and then set off for some fall chores. I rode home with Ro, so my first fall chore was buying a dressy fall jacket that is absolutely gorgeous, and a dress that I wll wear for the formal dinnner on ship. Ro had a package to mail, and the consignment shop is right next to the post office, and I was only looking, but then these two items just jumped off the racks at me.

Last night, I was window-surfing with an idle thought to what I would be wearing on the cruise, and picked out some pretties at the Pyramid Collection. The cheapest item I liked was $49.95 before shipping and handling, and I spent $52 after tax today. I also really like what I picked out, and I got to try them on, so I know I have the right size.

Bonus, the dress is cut in a way that doesn't manage to emphasize my generous hips and belly. Yay team.

Once Ro got me home, my chore for the weekend is laundry, morphing tomorrow into generating a Good Will Run and cleaning out the front hall. While I was mulling over clothes in my head, I decided that it's time for a major culling in my closet.

Meanwhile, outside, Flar powered up the hedge clippers, and has given the bushes around the driveway a major crew cut. Critter has cleaned out the gutters, and Tigger and Playuh have been hauling brush to the burn pile. Playuh was deploying the broom when we drove in, and Flar was showing Tiggger the finer points of wielding a hedge clipper.

Last weekend was the Life Group launch. Ro and Denmariana helped me tie and dye and iron 36 handkerchiefs for the ladies to wear. My favorite is the one where I successfully attempted to draw an S with the center tie, and then dyed with six colors. I'm thinking of making more. The launch itself was a very fun evening, with wacky activites at the church, followed up by yummy dinner. Individual groups split apart to different restaurants - we chose the new Johnny Carinno's Fayette Mall.

Two weeks ago was the 28th anniversary of Flar and my first date. We celebrated by going to the Stones concert at Churchill Downs, which was a Jumpin' Jack Flash. Great music, dancing at our seats and rainy weather for atmosphere. I'd brought my multi-color hooded leather jacket against the cold, so I stayed dry as well. Flar was using a cane to walk the next day, and I wasn't much better off. Alaska and her sweetie came for an overnight Saturday, so we got to celebrate her birthday, a little belated.

Sunday - After church today, Critter and I bought some new light fixtures, caulk, expanding foam and straw at Lowe's. Critter has a fixture that needs replacing, and we also got some lights to add to the tracks over his desk. Flar is going to finish up fixing the water damage under the kitchen sink, and I'm going to get a Tigger to spread the straw over the muddy spots in the back yard.

The order of the rest of the day for me is laundry, laundry and maybe some filing.

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