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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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oh the drama! Flar came up with a third Stones ticket. He and Tigger and Playuh will be deciding what to do with it tonight.

I got my keypad in the mail. It works. Nifty keen!

Stuart Woods stories are tracked strangely - some of the 7 discs of the current book had over 90 tracks. I-tunes made file names starting with the track number for some strange reason, so they were hopelessly out of order for listening. I have renamed them for listening tonight.

Short night on Thursdays, to be awake on Fridays for Life Group. Coincidentally, I have a short book tonight. Cool beans.

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Is Playuh staying in the states now? Seems as if he's been w/ya'll for quite awhile.

Oh, he's been back home in between - he just got back in on the 21st and is staying until Nov. 30. And Flar is hoping to be able to fly down for a quick visit before Thanksgiving and bring Gaucha back with him for a quick visit here. We might be able to host both of them for their first Thanksgiving dinner. :)

Well that's cool. Is he learning more English? *wink* I think I remember you saying at one point that he didn't speak much English.

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