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Hippo Birdie to me

My mother taught me to celebrate my birthday all month long. She says you get older if you don't celebrate. ;)

A materialistic view...

I bought myself a laptop for my birthday, yay! mhaithaca bought a new MacBookPro and sold me his 12" Powerbook G4. It's all tricked out with lots of memory, hardrive space and useful applications. I'm already using it to pay bills, and this morning I configured Fire with my google, icg, aim and yahoo accounts.

Mom and Dad bought me a yellow lap top case. I don't prefer basic black. :)

Critter bought me a wireless 10-key pad but it only works with PCs, so we're taking it back today and I'm getting a universal USB (wired) keypad. Yay for numbers! UpdateI ended up ordering this Adesso keypad online, because CompUSA was out of stock of the Kensington ones that work with Macs. There is a Mac guy whose only job is knowing Mac stuff at CompUSA. Cool.

Flar bought me two new painted shirts from Rio, a new necklace, nifty beaded flip flops and a sarong with Capacobana on it. And probably other stuff which I'm forgetting. ;)

Segue-ing into an action packed celebration fest

This morning, Critter is driving me around for several errands.

Tonight, Flar and Critter and Tigger and Playuh and Ro and Knight are taking me to Chili's for dinner. Tonight, all of the profits netted by Chli's are being donated to St. Jude's.

Friday, Flar is taking me to the Rolling Stones Concert at Churchill Downs. We have a hotel room on that end of the freeway so we don't have to drive all the way home after the concert.

Saturday, Alaska and her sweetie are coming for the weekend, pending his decision about what to do during the next activity:

Ro and Knight are getting me tickets to Comedy Off Broadway next weekend, to see Heywood Banks.

And in the category of cool and coincidental, Flar got a bonus he's been waiting on, so we're about to pay down a bunch of debt, after using a tad for a new TV. (My choice - we're waiting for the next bonus for a new mattress, and then another for replacing the carpet in the family room with tile.

So yeah, it's definitely more pleasant to pay bills at the roll-top on the new laptop, with money in the checking account.

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