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I'm not sure I can even sum up. It's been since Tuesday that I last updated my journal, after all. Okay, technically Tuesday, but for practical purposes, Monday night.

Tuesday I let the boys sleep in for the last day of summer vacation, while I went to bowling, and ran errands on the way home:
  • Sam's
  • Wal-Mart -- two of them; the first one only had one tire bay open
  • CVS

I got home with enough time to fill out forms to take to school, and then Flar and I drove the boys to school in two cars, as we were going in separate directions once we got home. We said hello to Tigger's teacher while he unloaded his school supplies into his desk, and then found and met Critter's teacher, and stayed for Critter to unload his supplies and organize his locker.

Flar left to deliver some dice bags that Erosul made, then home for a teleconference. I took the boys to
  • Funcoland, for Tigger to blow the rest of his allowance
  • Office Max, to pick up diskettes for Critter
  • the As Seen On TV Store, to buy a birthday present for Turnip
  • Great Clips, to finally get our haircuts.

The boys wanted Chili Mac for dinner, so I whipped up enough for them and for Flar, and I had ham and cheese sandwich, having remembered the very soft avocado that I'd bought when we went grocery shopping.

Wednesday, I woke up a little after 6, even though I'd forgotten to set my alarm. I got up, let the dogs out into the yard (I love the new fence!), and woke the boys.

I drove the boys to school, with my car loaded with Polyanna's pants and miscellanae for Wolf and Sydb, and then headed to Louisville. I spent the day with Sydb and Roo.

We took Wolf out to lunch, and I discovered that there's been a California Pizza Kitchen at Oxmoor for months now. Yummmmm.

We didn't reach Polyanna when I tried -- got dumped directly into voicemail, so I decided to leave the pants with Sydb and Wolf for Polyanna to pick up at her convenience.

And, when Wolf came home from work, I even got to spend some quality intimate time with him before I had to get in the car to drive home. And then turn around and bring Sydb her phone that she'd been charging in my car. (Fortunately I discovered it before I got all the way home.) And then finally got home right at bedtime.

Thursday morning I got up early to have time to pack before I had to leave the house for bowling. Flar drove the boys to school.

I definitely overpacked -- but it was so I'd be able to save decision-making until later. I made copies at Kinko's, and then got to the bowling alley just in time to pass out papers before bowling started. There were enough complications with new bowlers, sanction cards, and record keeping, that I hadn't figured out the check for lanes fees until Prez had already left, so I ended up paying for bowling with a personal check.

Once I got home from bowling, I had enough time to eat lunch, finish up my packing, and leave for the airport.

I think I'll write about my CA vacation in detail once I'm home.

Cause it's getting rather late, and I wasn't really planning to adapt to CA time this successfully....


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