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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Starting the week caught up
Bills Bills Bills

I just got through posting, paying, and filing the bills for last week, as well as the last of the backlog (of bills, not of filing). We have extra money this month, so Matt is now analysing it to figure out how much we have. Current thinking is that we will be able to buy the new TV this week - the one he's been looking at is on sale - and put the rest of the overage on credit card debt.

I used up all 30 filing jackets, so we're buying more while we're out today. I've decided that the filing jackets won't be temporary - I'll clear them out when the drawer gets too tight, into the big filing cabinet. Right now, the files are fitting comfortably in one of the the five divisions I have available in my roll top filing drawers, so that's definitely more than temporary in a couple of months, I should have created all the folders I need to use, and then I'll print labels. The purple sharpie I used is a little hard to read on the purple file jackets.

next project: figure out where the heck my passport is.