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Kitchen's clean; receipts are posted; I did a mal-sort last night, so really should have put some of the bills-to-post in the receipts-to-post pile, so not ready to reconcile yet. But I HAVE determined that Flar didn't give me any paperwork or even a poorly written post-it to document a wire transfer he made, which will either show up on the reconcile, or I'll track it down from "current statement" to get an accurate balance amount.

I shall virtuously procrastinate the latest idea that came into my head, which is to animate several forms of procrastination, as I'm done using cleaning as my ploy. I've cooked two meals rather than work -- and now I'm writing. At least two more frames for the icon. ;)

So, a mini-update. I haven't been posting in forever, which as usual means that I've been working 5 days a week and getting enough sleep. heh.


Tigger and Critter are both back in school.

Tigger is using a laptop in English and Social Studies, to avoid his handwriting issues altogether. My laptop supports USB via a PCIMCI card with a touchy dongle, and there are more severe hardware issues with the Sony -- the most pertinent being a stubborn B key, so we decided to look into a new laptop for Tigger. We found a Compaq Presario at Best Buy for under $500, and got an academic copy of MSOffice. There's a copy of Vongo on the laptop that Critter tried to uninstall, that stuck around being a nuisance, but Knight tamed into a cancel-able minor annoyance. The laptop is being kept in his English/Social Studies classroom, and Tigger is using his iPod shuffle "Shoe" to transport data back and forth.

Ooh, ooh, and the school now has all his assignments online, so we can better help him remember to do his work. Yay!

At the tail end of the summer, Tigger upgraded memory and graphics card in his desktop, and Critter cleaned it of virii, spyware and adware. He's now got a copy of World of Warcraft, and I've set up appropriate playing-time restrictions.

Critter is playing soccer this year. He developed achilles tendonitis from twice daily practices this summer, so he's now doing PT twice a week (instead of Gym) and has twice daily exercises and orthotic insoles. JV has a better win/loss ration than Varsity, and Critter even got to play in the last bit of yesterday's game. As a result of our two schedules, I mostly see Critter on weekends, or when I'm running late getting to work. Last Tuesday I took a break from work and went to see one of the few JV games in which they lost. :(

Critter is taking 3 AP courses, including AP Chemistry, which is being taught in the new "High Tech High" building in Jessamine county. The Herald-Leader ran an article on the new building, using a picture of Critter's AP Chem class on the front page of the City/Region section last week. I'm lucky that he's driving now -- he gets himself to school, PT and Soccer. But the advanced courses mean a bit more homework. I guess I'm getting a preview of what it will be like for him to be away at college. Sigh.

Critter recently finished moving a website for the Jessamine GOP to a new provider, and getting that up and running for them. He'll be providing continuing support for that, and getting the Cheese-E-Enterprises name out there.

Flar is also quite busy, running back and forth to his office in Louisville. He's getting a well-deserved mini-vacation next week. He's flying to Brazil for 12 days, to see Gaucha, and to take a partner to see Rio.

His recent checkup showed elevated (bad) numbers, so he's been more consistent about going to the gym, stopped taking multi-vitamins (yes, they are bad for some folk), and is now monitoring his sodium intake. It's already showing results - yay, Flar!

I actually got back to the gym last week after too many months of inactivity. I made an appointment with a personal trainer, who walked me through a beginning program. I was more sore right before my second trip back than I am today, so I'm hopeful that I'll be able to get back into shape easily. I also want to either go there to swim or cycle on in-between days, or at least walk Flood. So far, I've only worked out on Tuesday/Thursday. Small steps.

I'm getting a new-to-me laptop, YAY! mhaithaca is selling me his 2-1/2 year old Powerbook: 12" display, 1.33 GHz G4, 1.25 GB of RAM, 100 GB hard drive, SuperDrive, running OS X 1.4. A serious upgrade for me, since me last laptop wouldn't support an upgrade to X. I've got the old laptop mostly cleaned up -- I've got the SAVE folder down to about 1 gig -- a bit more pruning and I can just shunt it all over to the desktop using my 1G SD card.

And bonus, this laptop was included in the recent Sony battery recall, so I'll be getting a brand-new battery in the mail.

Lessee, what else. I've started a daily devotional time, but have been somewhat erratic in keeping it.

I'm driving down to Atlanta next weekend with Critter. Flar lined up an extended weekend sleepover for Tigger with T, and I've made arrangements to kennel the dogs. In that search I found a place that combines obedience training and kenneling -- which me may use next time we have a major remodeling project.

Quest is having fall kick-off in two weeks, and throwing a huge party for city on the 10th. Check out Questapalooza! Let me know if you're coming, and I'll look out for you there.

Beyond that, I've been reading and listening to loads of books, and plan to update my list RSN. I ran through all the audiobooks that Daddy gave me, as well as all the holds I'd made at the library, so I did a search and found 25 more books. 9 of them were ready for me to pick up this afternoon. I love the hold shelf. ;)

Anyway, now it's time to listen to Tigger's book talk, and then head over to Ro and Knight's for game night.

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