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Fall is coming

The signs are in the air.

Today I took the boys to get their hair cut before school starts. And got mine cut, too. Bonus. I ended up with the woman who cuts curly hair dry, and I ended up fussing with her a bit about how it looked, because it doesn't fall together right if it's cut dry, no matter what she thingks she knows about curly hair. Next time I insist on it being cut wet.

Then we went to buy dress shoes for Critter. He outgrew his toward the end of last school year, and it was late enough that I could fudge and wait until the beginning of this school year. He's now wearing size 9.5 medium. They're a bit long, but that won't last. While we were there, I found on clearance the only sandals I'd halfway liked, earlier in the season. They were originally $40 shoes, had been on sale for $30 and were on clearance for $20. Since we'd bought shoes for Critter, they were marked down another 50%, so I got them for $10.

We went out for dinner tonight at Chi chi's, and then over to Flar's parents. That visit lasted longer than I'd expected, or maybe I was just quickly bored by the tenor it took -- which was Flar talking to his mom about stuff he brought back from Brazil for her, which really held no interest for the rest of the room. The boys were getting restless, and I was nodding off, while thinking of all I'd like to get done at home.

Back at home, I had the boys dump clothes down the laundry chute, and started the two weeks of laundry that I need to wash before I can leave town for Worldcon on Thursday. I got that sorted and started, and then went to work on the bowling stuff. I made the calls I needed to make while it was still conceivably early enough to call, and found out enough to finish out the team rosters. The idea is to get them to T. in time to have the league set up for Thursday.

While I was working on the bowling stuff, I realized that I wouldn't have much other opportunity to get stuff finished, so I set up the payment spreadsheet and printed the first payment slips, updated the member roster, wrote up minutes of the organizational meeting, updated the league rules, and printed out everything, ready to make multiple copies on the way in on Thursday.

So, the signs of fall: getting ready for school, and bowling.

Tomorrow I bowl with Tuesday Tigers, then get the school forms filled out, take the boys to school to meet their new teachers, and then harry them into finishing their summer assignments.

Wednesday is the first day of school, and I'm driving to Louisville after I drop off the boys. Flar wants me to deliver pants to Polyanna, and I keep forgetting to send email to Sydb about getting together while I'm in town. It's been one of those days.

Thursday is the first day of bowling in the Rookettes, and then I'm off to California (again) for Worldcon, and my First Date with Turnip.

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