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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Awake now

I didn't realize that the sleepover had taken so much out of me, until I got home from emptying out Cinder's apartment. I was too tired to do more than sit, read, eat and fall asleep in the family room.

I got up at 8am to fix breakfast for the boys. No takers on anything fancy -- they all chose cereal, but they wouldn't have bothered to eat without me nudging them, so it was just as well that I was up. I sat and read while they played upstairs, and cautioned them about noise levels a few times. The second or third time it got loud, and included the phrase "you hit me," I went up and had them turn off the playstation. I told them they were welcome to play any other games in the house, and to figure out how to be more quiet. They apparently created a live action shootemup, using some of the toy guns. The arguments were quieter, and apparently revolved around how to determine whether shots had landed. Eventually I let them turn the playstation back on, after they'd been playing quietly enough and then asked nicely.

Flar woke up around 11 and took over. I decided I needed a bath, since the rest of the day after the sleepover was planned out. I had a nice long bubble bath, with time to soak clean and relax a bunch of muscles. So relaxed in fact, that after I got out of the tub, I laid down for a nap. Turns out I should have been napping all along.

Ro woke me before I was very asleep. She was heading over to Cinder's, so I got and dressed to join her. I took Critter to help with carrying. We emptied out the place, and then Flar helped me figure out where to put the stuff I was storing, when we got home.

We had talked about going to a movie with Ro and Knight, but I was still kind of sleepy, and once I sat down again I discovered a bunch of body aches. So, when Flar said he was too sleepy to go out for a movie himself, we called up and bowed out. Then Flar fixed a nice glazed chicken stirfry. We ate in the family room, watching the tail end of Jimmy Neutron, and then this weird movie about kids in Canada. It somehow involved building a rocket, but I don't really know how it turned out, since I nodded off before it got well started.

Today I've got an appointment with my ear doctor at 10:45, and then I'll come back home and get the boys to take them out for haircuts. I need to call around to the ladies on the Rookettes, and see if I can get the teams settled enough to turn in sheets for T to build the league. And there's two weeks of laundry to do, including all the jacuzzi towels in the house....

But I think that close to 12 hours worth of sleep has to have helped.

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding was a very good movie, btw. You should go see it, I think you'll get a kick out of it. :)

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll probably end up seeing it on the satellite. With school starting on Wednesday, schedule's starting to fill up again.

I thought that's what they made matinees for. Go around 1pm, be out by 3pm, pick up the kids. ;)

The trick is in getting someone to go with me at an early matinee. Flar is usually too busy working. Most of my friends work. Knight's gotten this silly habit of sleeping.

And then, there's all that mom stuff I'm supposed to be doing while they're out of the house...–

Ah - I take it you're like Knight, and don't like going to the movies alone. :)

For myself, I like to go with people, but I have no problem going alone. :)

yep. I prefer going with someone. I've been to a movie by myself once.

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