Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
Doodle Bug

Wow, can I work there?

Today is phone call day.

First call - my OB/Gyn for an annual exam. I wish they would just let you schedule the appt. a year in advance like the mammogram place. This is the fourth time I'm tried to call, only to find out that they are out of the office. Apparently, they are in the office from 9-noon, take lunch from noon-1:45, then leave anywhere between 3 and 5. Today was a 3 o'clock day.

Since I work until 3am, and noon is a Just Right Wakey-Wakey Time, that gives me 1:45-3 to make the call. I missed the zone today. Grr.

Second call - Epson. My printer head died while we were on vacation. I found this out by buying new ink and still generating blank sheets, even after multiple iterations of clean/test. I should be grateful that they are willing to send a replacement printer (a slightly newer model of the samish thing), but I'd be more grateful if they'd actually shipped it on the 10th when I called, rather than merely generating an airbill on the 14th and not attaching any merchandise to it. I told the lady it's now a month that I've been without a printer, but she was less than sympathetic. They're supposedly shipping another, this time next day, so I won't have to wait as long to tell that they haven't sent anything. Meanwhile, I send PDFs to Flar, and use Critter's printer when I need to print things.

Third call - Don Jacobs. I keep forgetting to make an appointment to bring my car in to see about the horn and the headlights. It's slightly complicated by being a follow-up to insurance claim work. Back to the phone.

I'm beginning to understand why some people hate the telephone.

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