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A family day

This weekend was the garage sale at Bébé's house. Brody and Truly have been doing the lion's share of work getting the house ready for a garage sale. Bébé and Scarlett have been doing their part by overpricing the furniture. ;)

I think Flar was the most enthusiastic pitchman of the weekend sale, and Critter had the idea of throwing in any item from the plastics table free-with-purchase. At least two people took us up on that offer while I was there.

Hey, I even made a sale, by opening up and demonstrating the playpen, instead of letting the woman walk off...

During one of our many breaks, Scarlett started to talk about celebrating Inkman's (her son) birthday on Monday. I think it was Bébé that broached the idea of celebrating on a different day, and Truly suggested today, since we were already all together. Scarlett's only objection was that she hadn't made a cake yet, so I offered to make one. The discussion was talking place before 3, so I figured there was plenty of time.

I made a german chocolate sheet cake with multi-color Happy Birthday and an artist's palette with splashes of icing "paint" on it. There is a family tradition of three candles for adults - past, future and present - so the candles were already in stock. I like that I can still provide a unique birthday cake on three hours notice. :)

We had dinner at Cheddar's, and then all had cake and ice cream at Scarlett's. It turns out that garage sales (which I avoid having with a passion) are much more fun with lots of family involved, and then we got more social time, too.

Back at home, I've even more motivation to clear the clutter, plus Ebay was having a 20¢ insertion fee sale. I asked Flar to pick out five items from the ebay-it corner in the front hall, and with the remaining ink cartridges, I've got a total of seven items for sale currently. I'm kind jazzed about having double digit watchers on one of the auctions, and bids on two of them already.

We're going to church early tomorrow, to help out with 3s and Ks in kidQuest, so I'm going to give the dogs some couch time and then head to bed.

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