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Middlin' start to the week

I progressed in the kitchen today, but left other chores for later in the week.

The counters are clean, the dishes are clean, the table is more clean, the desk is still clean and I've a couple of bills to mail on the way to work. I also put together the other shelf for shoes by the back door.

Yesterday, we played monopoly after church. I went bankrupt first, so I made cookies. Later, I took apart the aquarium filter, cleaned it, replaced the disposable cartridge, cleaned the algae off the front of the tank, and refilled the water. The two indestructro-fish scurried about being very interested in everything, and scrambled for a few flakes that I fed them.

The aquarium looks pretty good today. The water is clear, but there is lots of old algae/etc covering everything in the tank, including one of the indestructro-fish. I'm planning to clean the filter again next Sunday, and maybe shop for fish and snails the next week.

Flar had enough money to dump into the account for the next week or so, and I get to make a mortgage payment tomorrow

Chores for the rest of the week include vacuuming the bedroom/closet, doing laundry, and cooking. Tonight's menu is Matt's lookout -- I fixed lunch.

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