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Sleepover, Round One

We forgot to buy water balloons while we were out, yesterday. So we left the house in time to buy them before the sleepover, but found out that watersports are out of season. The supersoakers were clearance priced and almost gone, and there were no water balloons to be found. Mind you, they might *always* be in season at Toys R Us, but it was too close to the party to venture that direction.

Critter bought three small supersoakers for $3 apiece, and a bag of regular 12" balloons.

We got back before any guests started arriving. The boys started loading water balloons, while I washed the pile of stuff by the kitchen sink. And continued that task as kids started to arrive.

One parent managed to slip in under the "it's not a birthday, just a sleepover" information radar and brought a gift. Two kids forgot sleeping bags, and one forgot bathing suit. A few had delayed arrivals due to remembering suits.

We've got 7 in the family room watching Iron Giant now. When I counted during Jimmy Neutron, there were 9, but that was before Critter and TY went upstairs, and after J, W, M&M left. At the peak, counting Kittybane, Penguie and Starmaiden, we had 16. Before Kittybane et al showed up, I was beginning to get a little worried. They were bringing the TV for the party, since our main TV has given up the ghost. And I was beginning to want a bit of adult company.

So far, the kids have played with SuperSoakers, been in the jacuzzi two or thee times, played Playstation games, played with nerf projectile weapons, eaten pizza and cookies and Pringles, drunk various soft drinks and water, and watch 1.5 movies. The current agreement is that the can watch movies as long as they're quiet.

Of the 8 pizzas we ordered, we've about 2 pizzas worth of leftovers, of three or four of the varieties we ordered, so I think I ordered well.

Knight delivered Flar from the airport just after I'd settled the guys down into their first movie. Knight stayed to chat awhile, then left, taking Kittybane and Penguie with them. Flar and I caught up a little, and then agreed that he'd take the late shift, and I'll get some sleep so I can be up at 8 for the breakfast shift.

One of the things we talked about was school stuff, so I verified that I have the school schedule, with appropriate bedtimes, etc., entered into my PDA. Our first school commitment is Tuesday, and I'd like to have various forms completed by then. Classes begin on Wednesday, so school bedtime will be in force starting tomorrow night.

When we went grocery shopping yesterday, the receipt tape had coupons for Great Clips, so I'll probably take the boys to get their hair cut on Monday, after I'm home from my ear doctor.

My ear doesn't hurt anymore, but there's pressure from fluid that's still in there, and a little swelling just below the ear, in the standard lymph gland location. Essentially, not much better than I was when I saw my FP last Saturday. But way better than the worse that it got, before it got better. I'm glad I have a followup appointment.

Tomorrow, I take over the sleepover supervision with breakfast at 8, and as the kids trickle into the kitchen.

Then *maybe* I'll get a nap in, as the last kid will be here until at least 2.

After that, I've plans to help Knight and Ro empty out Cinder's apartment before we turn the key in for her. And spend the rest of the day putting the house back together after the sleepover.

Now, for sleep.

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