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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Those in My Neighborhood
I used to keep this in my sidebar; it got longer and longer in terms of people, but it doesn't have the details I could give in a post. Thus, this entry instead, moved to my link list. This version is a straight cut-and-paste from what I had in the side-bar, but now it's where I can elaborate, when I have more time.


Minikin - me
Flar - hubby
Critter - 1st son
CuppyKate - his girlfriend, confettigrrl91
Tigger - 2nd son

Bébé - Flar's dad
Scarlet - his wife
Brook - their older daughter (with red hair like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm)
Locks - their younger daughter (with blonde hair like Goldilocks)
Scooter - their son
Brody - Flar's brother
Truly - his wife

Bro - my brother
Doll - his wife
Gem - her sister
Button - Gem's daughter (who is cute as a ...)

Gaucha - Flar's SO in Brazil
Playuh - her son

Knight - "emergency backup hubby", knightaudit
Ro - his wife, roina_arwen

She_ - Knight's SO, disheveledhair)
Star - her mom

Alaska - friend in Clarksville, IN, hippychicx

Tiger - friend in Austin, tigerknight
Cougar - friend in SF, his wife, cougarpants

belmikey - friend in MN
pixel39 - his wife

envoy - ex-pat friend in London

Curls - friend in MN, canuckgirl

Turnip - friend in SF, crankyfool

Cinder - friend in SJ, ashenphoenix
Surly - her hubby, surlyone


Sunny - Tigger's friend L, who lights up any room he walks into, vincedaddy

Mary - "snoring sister" friend in Life Group

Spydie - friend in Winchester, spydielives

RAnD'M - friends in Lexington
Denney, denmariana
Phaeton, phaeton_theseus
Caritas, ladonna_rena

Diva - friend in KYana, dubheach
Thomp - her family

Thunder - friend in Richmond, sirthundermoon
Ravyn - his wife, fireravyn

Camel - ex SO in Louisville, darkwolf69
Sydb - ex SO, his wife, sydb42

Binky - ex SO in Louisville, nezmaster


Opman - manager
Ra - 1st shift super
Grace - Cleaning supervisor
MamaGoose - Cleaner
CollegeBoy - Cleaner
ShyGuy - Cleaner

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Where does CuppyKate go?

I feel sorta left out here...I may not be family (YET) but still...i exist...I mean heck if Tigger's Friend (we all know who i'm talking about) can have a place...i hope i will find a place on the big list o people

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