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A week flies by

A week of sleeping and working, mostly.

We had a fine fourth, with Alaska and Beau and Ro and Knight and Ravyn and Thunder and Techgirl and what's a celebration of Independence without Freedom? A couple of Tigger's friends joined us, as well, and brought mortars. We had honest to goodness starbursts in our own night sky. Star Spangled Pie There were burgers and dogs and sausage and buns and beans and chips and fruit salad and I even made an apple pie. I took pictures while I was constructing it, but I forgot to take a picture of the final product. :(

I didn't work full hours this week, but I stayed up too late, anyhow. Flar has asked me to think about getting more housework done while I'm up late, if I'm not going to sleep anyway. He's got a valid point.

I ended up missing out on lunch with Spydie. She had to run her cat in to the vet, and I overslept a reasonable time waking to join her while she was waiting on the cat. Current plan is to call her Monday when I awake, and we'll see about getting together.

I had to give Pirates a miss for now. Flar and the boys went on Friday night with Ro and Knight, who were taking Ravyn et alia for her birthday. Today I couldn't make it for Wolfwitch's birthday, due to family stuff.

This afternoon, Flar, Tigger and I went to talk to the ND to find out the results of Tigger's testing and get a plan of treatment. Said plan appears to call for expensive nutritional supplements which aren't reimbursable under insurance. I kvetched about the nutrition information she'd piled on me at the first appointment, and she recommended a milder approach to improving his food. More real food, less processed foods, less emphasis on kicking out whole categories of food.

When we got home, we piled into Critter's van and went to Lowe's as a family outing. A new pressure washer, new shelves for shoes at the back door and a new rug for the laundry room were only some of the treasure we brought home. While we were there, we looked at floor covering ideas, for when we can afford to replace the carpet in the family room. Not going to happen soon, but we may eventually get tile, relatively indestructible as regards dogs.

Back at home, I put together one shelf and discovered that the other was damaged in the box. Tigger cleaned the jacuzzi room floor, and Critter cleaned the front and back halls, while I cleaned the rest of the pots and pans and other hand wash that was left from the week. Critter ran out for groceries for me, and I assembled enchiladas while he made oatmeal raisin cookies. Flar stuck around in the kitchen for much of the evening, except when he was on the phone with Guacha. Tigger disappeared upstairs as soon as he was done with the jacuzzi floor.

Critter and I sat and watched Demolition Man after all the baking was done, and he even unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, to get rid of the dishes we'd created by our kitchen activities.

Tomorrow, I'm taking the boys to Waffle House before church, then going over to Bébé's house with Flar to help get things ready for a garage sale. Next weekend or the one after that, I'm not sure which. In the evening, Ro and Knight and Dorian are coming over for Mah Jongg. It's been weeks and weeks - I hope I remember how to play. ;)

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