Doodle Bug (minikin) wrote,
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random update

I just got through watching a couple of episodes of Big Love. I haven't been keeping up thoroughly, but oh my the plot does keep barrelling along. I think I'm going to need to watch the entire first season through at a stretch to really get all the twists and turns, though.

Tonight, Flar and I doubled with Knight and Ro to see The Devil Wears Prada and have dinner at Lonestar. The movie was good but there were a gew things that bother me. No doubt I'll enjoy the book a lot more.

Before that, Tigger and I played a round of Take Six. We started out fairly evenly matched, but then I got luck behind in a couple of hands and Tigger could never quite recover.

This morning, I made pancakes for breakfast before Critter and Tigger and I went to late service at church. This month is Quest Goes to the Movies, and this morning's message used clips from Episode III. The other movies in the series will be: Walk the Line, Narnia, Da Vinci Code and King Kong. Since the Code is still in theatres, I don't know how they're planning to show clips...

Yesterday, I slept in while Flar, Critter and Tigger helped Bébé move furniture out of his old house. He's got a potential buyer, so he's finally getting serious about cleaning out the house. So far, we've got a new book case, shoe tree, recliner, and assorted other stuff. And a 35" TV to replace the 27" one we've been borrowing from Knight and Ro, ever since our family room TV conked out.

Thursday, I redid the floor schedule, now that Playuh is back in Brazil, and gave out the boys their current assignments. With a floor to clean every other day, rotating through the house, and the boys taking turns, it works best to give out short term lists. We decided on my payday (allowance day) cycle as the time period. Critter vacuumed the family room on Thursday, thoroughly enough to find Alaska's keys. Mind you, Playuh had vacuumed at least twice since the PWP and didn't find them... Tigger cleaned the kitchen floor tonight. A day late, but then, that's why we decided on an every other day schedule.

I've managed to put off laundry since getting back from Texas, so tomorrow will be a work day for me. When we got home last weekend, we unpacked the car, then put all that away by the end of Monday. Later in the week, we got the boxes we shipped home, in order to have a less cluttered to make room for Dublin Dr. Peppers in the car on the way home. I've put away most of the stuff from my boxes.

Tomorrow, I'll finish unpacking, get the laundry going, and work on finances. Tonight I'm going to bed early so I can be a day-walker tomorrow.

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