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Summer Vacation: on the road

As I write this, Critter is driving. We set out from home yesterday at 2:12, after Critter got his driver license. Since we're in my newly- returned beetle, we started out cross country, via 169 & 33, to the Blue Grass Parkway. On a beautiful spring day, we easily shaved a half an hour off of our drive.

We got to our Hotel in Memphis at 10:45 CDT, after stopping three times, variously for food, gas, and conveniences. I drove most of the route; Critter ended up behind the wheel for the stop-and-go traffic thru Nashville. I wouldn't have chosen to put him in that position, but he handled it well.

What's more amazing is that I was able to be awake and alert thru our arrival in Memphis -- considering my last sleep had ended at 2pm Thursday...

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