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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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my body is so contrary
Stuff I haven't written about, that I hope to think about and write about on vacation:

NRE2, the new and improved kind of NRE
The State of the Me

But for now, the my body is contrary post. I've been tracking my periods, as I was convinced they were quite irregular. So my body is now giving me 28 day cycles.

Monday, I had an appointment with a sports medicine doctor about my ankle. It's been bothering me intermittently since that day, which I shall arbitrarily call 4/28, but which I can really only remember that it was a Friday morning before Life Group, when I walked funny - best I can describe it. I didn't twist it in a classic spraining movement. But ever since then, above-average on-my-feet time yields a throbby-achy pain, and unpredictable triggers which may or may not include stairs, do not include heels, do include sandy beaches, cause omg I can't walk pain. I *think* the triggers have to do with the ankle performing balancing work.

But, back to my annoying body. No pain on Monday. I just hate sitting in a doctor's office trying to describe remembered pain. Several acute twinges since then, just to reassure me that the recommended PT and brace are Good Ideas™.

Today I had an appointment with my FP for a HBP checkup. He liked my numbers, got the nurse to draw blood for a chem workup that will include glucose stuff. It has been a week and a half since the party. Tigerknight got sick almost immediately; I figured that I'd escaped. I mentioned that I had a slightly rough throat and sinus drip, but felt I was on the whole okay. Dr. didn't agree with me -- after looking at the back of my throat, he prescribed a Z-pack.

So now my body is playing me for sympathy - totally stuffy nose out of nowhere, suddenly fierce PND, and I'm looking at playing hooky tonight from Quicken etc., and going to bed early with some nice symptomatic relief.

Still trying to work out whether I was this bees-under-the-skin *before* Dorian mentioned I was prickly on Sunday.


Bed now. PT, Salon, chores and church tomorrow.