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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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party girl
The subject of the class was close to home, and while the lecture was entertaining, it cut close to the bone and brought up far too many it could have beens.

I got a free parting gift, parted it and gifted another.

Dopey loopy high tonight - endorphins and adrenaline, and damn the heels. Now drifting on the pleasant fantasy of being more than a demo dummy. Getting to be party buds with a kindred spirit; pay it forward.

Wrote an email late in the early morning before sleeping -- garnered three calls and two voicemails and a promise to talk tomorrow after church. This has been a long time coming. 39 years? 2 years? a month or three?

I don't get to ken the plans just be caught up in them and drift or swim.

nothing fits everything swirls i figured out too much and nothing and ...

see why filters aren't necessary? The good stuff is always wrapped in layers of metaphor and wispy thoughtcicles.

Tunnel Vision Seeking caged and wanting to be free.

2am tolls for me; bedtime and plenty of morning for breakfast and the beginnings of truth

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layers of metaphor and wispy thoughtcicles = "speaking Deb" :)

(delete this if I'm not supposed to use your name)

Re: also known as...

i donmind


Love. Hugs. Miss you. Call later if I can get to a phone before the flight. Love. I said that already. :-)

sound like a good time glad you had a good time wish i could have been there.

*hugs and would love to hear more detail sometime* :] Sounds like you had a good time.. I want to start getting out to parties again.

The good stuff is always wrapped in layers of metaphor and wispy thoughtcicles

You'll have to 'splain this post to me sometime, 'cause I'm too muzzy to get it. : P

I shall try, next we are together. :)

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