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Brief update

Caught up on sleep.

Done with jury duty - total trips to the courthouse: 5.

Still working 5 nights a week.

Starting to go to Wednesday night services this week; Critter's starting Access, along with a friend from school.

Cleaned up the jacuzzi room this week, getting caught up on back-laundry.

Got Playuh to free the driveway hedge of honeysuckle. It had choked quite a lot of the life out of the Althea and Forsythia. Flar says if we trim the height on the remaining plants, they will leaf out for us and come back. He's going to supervise that part of the project. The trimming, not the growing back. ;)

Critter did a bunch of the back-laundry for me last night. Cleaned the Jenn-Aire grill pan and attachments, cause he was bored.

Flar and Knight are due back on Monday - I'm driving to Cincy after I drop off Tigger.

Dorian is all busy this weekend, so no date for me. (think date natzi.)

Going to a KUFS class on Saturday night; don't have a companion - hardly ever go anywhere by myself, but Dorian's busy, and also not (to my knowledge) interested in the subject. Play party after. Thinking about what to wear. Don't really own any clothes for Merry. Have reasonable choices for Debbie. Thinking about how I want to do my hair.

that about covers it.

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