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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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A lovely evening
Well, I certainly wasn't expecting that.

or, was i?

Skitter back in time a bit to a certain email that I sent to Dorian, telling him of my attraction to him, and his response about loving me and not wanting to hurt our friendship.

Skip along, enjoying Mah Jongg with giggles and joking and occasional hands grazing, and nice strong hugs.

Witness an invitation to be escorted to tonight's Kufs munch, and yes, he uses nice old fashioned words like escort in the nice old fashioned sense.

I asked him whether we were to meet there, or if he wanted to pick me up.

So maybe he gave me the clue. Cause yeah, I'm a lot clueless. For instance, I'm told I was quite the eyeful for many tonight, but I've gotta take it on faith -- I just don't notice these things.

Anyway, armed on the very little arrow of a promised ride, I decided to do myself up tonight. Blown-dry, flowing hair; freshly shaven legs; skirt instead of pants; Make-Up.

And double-bonus totally satisfying appreciation of the effort. Comments on the outfit, the hair, the eyes... So, cool. Two close friends, dressed up for a fun evening talking kink.

Rewind and cover the time again to note that I haven't been shy in obliquely referring to boundaries. His birthday is Pi Day, cause he's turned down the implied offer of any other relevant celebration. Some really excellent zinger last week over Mah Jongg that relied on it, and earned a kiss on the hand. cetra..

Tonight, he made a comment whose motive was probably clarification? That his boundary involves wanting me. You know, the result of crossing a certain point - one that he apparently understands, because hey, I'd have thought the boundary was a shy tighter than I found tonight.

Friends, hugs, massage specifically mentioned. And then, oh, the kiss in the parking lot.

Quite a bit of me wonders how much of all my side of this is the ellusive boundary, the feel of illicit play along the edge - the goodish feelings of pre-sex high school sex

So I brought it up in the car. Too obscurely, asking about when his lines and my lines aren't the same. Put it more point blank while he was painstaking framing his answer.

"so does it bother you that [from my point of view] you were having sex with me all night?"

I think it tickles him that my definitions are so broad and my lines are so, well, generous.

This is going somewhere, but somewhere odd and ill-defined. But I'm going to enjoy the ride. And fix him dinner in two weeks -- Mah Jongg will be at my house.

Dating is fun.

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Oh good for you! That sounds so nice!

Thank you. Very nice indeed.

This is why it's so important to write about a date while still in full euphoria. Twas not til yesterday that I had to deal with plans to pick the contents of my purse that I spilled in his car (in our dark driveway), and verify that yes, he really is going to be too damn busy for a movie this weekend. And get yet another warning to behave myself. (his response, when I told him that Turnip told me to jump his bones, was "you would lose me" sigh)

I'm getting better at the whole not obsessing thing. It probably helps that I'm still working 5 nights a week, whee! tomorrow, oops, later this morning, I have another round of voir dire. That'll make 5 total trips to the court house, racking up the $12.50/day at a rapid clip. Over the past four months. ;) I suspect, however, that the energy I slurped up Saturday night had something to do with the level of productivity I had at home today.

you would lose me

That seems odd.

And, thus, cuts to the heart of This is going somewhere, but somewhere odd and ill-defined.

Besides the odd balance between sexual tension / friendship that he seems willing to approach, I gather that I should also not take too much of the initiative here, for reasons of his preferences about control and power exchange.

I've done a lot in the way of very explicit power exchange, but this is new territory for me - the area of old fashioned gentleman/lady interaction as a very subtle Ds.

My response to his statement was, as it turned out, exactly suited to his meaning: "I shall be a lady."

This sounds like a fascinating journey.

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