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Home again

I have great hopes for feeling much better tomorrow.

Cinder is safely deposited in San Jose, Knight made it to work in one piece, and I got a few hours of sleep before getting up to run the organizational meeting for the Rookettes.

Back up, rewind.

First, the road trip.


Cinder woke before I did - my only personal proof that I slept was the discovery that she was no longer in bed, and that therefore I must have been asleep when she left. I had spent the night Very Aware of the pain in my ear, and trying desperately to get sleep in anticipation of driving. I stayed home long enough to pack my cooler with some food for the trip and ice for Cinder's cooler, then hugged Tigger and Kittybane and left, forgetting to give Kittybane the money I'd gotten out for her to use.

Knight's phone wasn't responding when I left the house, so I drove over to Cinder's. She'd loaded a lot more stuff in the hours since she woke. The truck was almost full, and the apartment almost empty. I'm getting a nifty meat slicer, cube fridge, utility cart, and some odds and ends. There are other things that we're going to store for Cinder, either here or at Knight's, and other things that can go to Goodwill. She's got the apartment until this coming Sunday.

We loaded up the last bits, with Knight's and Ro's assistance. Ro drove Knight over so that she could see Cinder off. We then piled into our three separate vehicles and drove to Louisville. We stayed together pretty well until we hit the interstate. I got a bit of a lead on Knight, accelerating onto the freeway, but it didn't take long for him to catch up. Then we got to talking about the logistics of the fireworks, and decided I'd run ahead to Thomp to pick them up, so I stopped bothering to keep track of them behind me.

By the time I hit the Watterson, I was rethinking the logistics of parking the mini-van repeatedly, and thinking about the water and foodstuffs that needed moving between vehicles. So I called ahead and asked if Wolf would kindly pick up the fireworks for me.

When we arrived at Wolf & Sydb's, Gypsy was already there to see Cinder off, Wolf was over at Thomp, and Sydb was inside with Roo. We ended up spending more time there than I'd anticipated, but I was loathe to hurry Cinder, since it will most probably be a long time before she's back in Louisville for any kind of visit. While we were there, I got Wolf to put my eardrops in for me, and got a bit of cuddle time and positive energy, which I really needed for my ear. This and the fresh drugs helped me out awhile, but the drive on Sunday is really a blur of "it hurts it hurts it hurts" interspersed with sleeping through short periods of less pain. Knight was doing pretty well on driving, as he'd had his "normal" amount of sleep the day before, but Cinder was pretty wiped from the days of packing for the trip and really not being able to sleep much at all.

When I got back here Wednesday night, Flar asked me where we'd stayed along the trip. I was so tired then I could only remember where we lighted our last night: Sacramento. What I vividly remember about where we stayed the first night, was that it was a Super 8 just next to a gas station, where I had finally recognized that no, I couldn't take over driving for Cinder, cause I was in crying pain, and that Cinder could keep her eyes open any longer without crying. I think it was somewhere past KC, possibly in Iowa, but definitely before we got to Nebraska.

I took a half a Cipro extra that night, and decided to take the Ibuprofin at 4-5 hour intervals instead of the prescribed 8. I woke up promptly 5 hours after taking the bedtime dose of Ibuprofin.

Monday was a day of improvement.

My ear was feeling better, Cinder had gotten rest over the night, and Knight was still enjoying the drive for the sake of driving.

Mind you, better had an easy time, considering how bad worse was. My ear still hurt, but it was back to the kind of hurt that can be ignored. By Monday, I was realizing that I hadn't started proper record keeping, and that it was pretty much too late to be able to keep the kind of travel log that I usually do, in the trip-tik. I was also peeved to discover that the girl at AAA hadn't bothered to mark the construction and speedtraps on the triptiks. And had removed the last few pages, since we were unsure which way we wanted to be routed. And I was regretting not asking for tourbooks, as we occasionally saw things along the route that might have been described in them.

I actually got to drive for Cinder at least once during the day, helping me to feel somewhat more useful, and not just the dead weight of the day before. We had fun picking out souvenirs to bring back for Ro, and I eventually found things to bring back for others, as well.

On Monday we definitely drove through Iowa and Nebraska and Wyoming. I *think* we stayed in Rock Springs, Wyoming on Tuesday night. I know we drove til much later in the day. We were pretty beat by the time we got in.

By Tuesday, driving was just darned old. I was getting over the ear thing enough that I was being bothered by the sun, instead. I just can't take prolonged exposure to light, even under conditions that don't cause overheating or sunburn. I think my eyes rebel and get other parts of my body to participate in a sympathy strike.

We drove through Wyoming, Utah and Nevada on Tuesday, and stayed the night in Sacramento.

Wednesday was a surprisingly relaxing day.

It was easy to get up early. Cinder just doesn't sleep long amounts. I was still having enough pain associated with my ear that I woke 30 minutes before we'd planned. And Knight appears to be used to Just Plain Weird Hours. We got on the road while it was still dark, and had relatively little congestion to drive through on our way down to San Jose. We didn't have any trouble finding Cinder's new place, and I even remembered what we'd done, well enough to direct Turnip there.

We got to meet Cinder's roommate, then helped her unload her car, and went out for breakfast at place called Cozy. After that, we went by a bank, and then back to the house, where we unloaded Knight's and my stuff out of the truck, and basically packed Cinder's car with our stuff for the airport, as well as Turnip's fireworks, in case we ended up meeting at the airport. Then we drove over to K&L and visited with Taterguy and met the rest of the people he works with. We had time to drive back to Cinder's to meet Turnip, rather than changing the rendezvous, and I got to see Turnip for at least 5 minutes before we left for the airport. It makes it easier that I'll be out there next week for Worldcon. :)

We got to the airport in plenty of time. We bypassed the long line for curbside checkin, and walked up the ticket counter with no wating, inside. They chose to x-ray our luggage, but didn't see anything prompting a hand-search of the checked baggage.

The carry-on x-ray line was relatively tame, with slightly more waiting, since they checked for same-day-travel tickets before letting us go to the machines.

We got to the gate and received Group A boarding passes, completely with pretty checkerboard trims.

After that, we had time to get lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and Cinnabon for dessert. I'd miscalculated how much water to carry for the day, and had to shell out $2.15 for a 25 ounce bottle that I generally buy in flats of 28 for 7.50. But it's the only water I bought on the trip, so I count myself lucky.

Ironic that the checkerboard should be the symbol of speed - as the finish flag in car racing: in our case, it was the signal to the gate attendents to select us for the boarding check. Remove shoes, stand for hand-wanding, while the other security people riffled our carryon bags. I always get a little more testy about boarding delays on Southwest, since there's no assigned seating, but we managed to find two seats together, so that was okay after all.

I'd dreaded the flights because of my ears, but it turned out that I had more difficult with painful sinuses from all the dry air. They were already starting to dry out back in Utah, but the planes were the final blow. By the time we landed in Phoenix, I had a sinus-migraine and it made me dizzy to even see the carpet in my peripheral vision. The carpet had a repeating pattern that was just the wrong amount of asymmetric, and just the wrong scale, so that I just couldn't look at it or past it. It was BAD carpet. Think Signourney Weaver, in Galaxy Quest, complaining about the BAD episode. That kind of BAD.

We settled for a bit in a bar that had a plain adobe tile floor, and drank virgin daicquiris. The sugar helped a little, and I was able to cope with sitting in a sea of BAD carpet after we got our boarding passes for the second flight. We didn't have to stop and be searched on this segment, and sat in about the same position on the plane. This segment was long enough to merit a snack box, rather than just the peanuts and cheese nips. But the snack box wasn't much better, and I was glad for my leftover pizza and brownie from California Pizza Kitchen. Their brownies rock.

It wasn't until I got off the place in Louisville that I realized I didn't have my phone. Working it out with hind-sight, I figured out that I must have left it on the plane that landed in Phoenix, not getting it securely enough back in my pocket after turning it off. I used Knight's phone to call Sydb, who said that Wolf had already left so that he could fill my driver-side tire with air. So while Knight collected our checked baggage, I filled out a lost article report with Baggage Services.

By sheer luck, Wolf drove up in my minivan exactly as we got out to the curb. He hadn't been circling, but had driven back to the airport after Sydb told him we'd arrived. And landed back at arrivals just as we exited the building. huzzah!

We stayed long enough at Wolf and Sydb's to give them their souvenirs, take medicine, use the bathroom, and get hugs. Then we stopped at the Thornton's to fill up, check the air and buy sodas, before heading to Lexington. Since Knight had to work, I drove so that he could catch a little more sleep. He'd been able to sleep a little on each flight, although that last flight had been uncomfortably hot.

I dropped Knight off at work, and then when I got home, I called Cinder and Wolf to let them know I was home safe. I crawled into bed with Flar and listened to a little bit of stories about Brazil. And slept.

Which brings us up to Today.

Okay, so it was today when I started typing, anyway.

I woke up early enough in the morning to print out some documents for the bowling organizational meeting, but still managed to forget to print one of the sheets I'd been planning to use. I woke the boys so they could come with to the bowling alley, because Flar was flying to California before we got home. It was so nice to be able to just let the dogs outside when I went past them this morning. I got the boys to feed them breakfast, and then when we were leaving to go bowling, they put them in the crate for while we were out.

The meeting was fairly short. There was little discussion of the rules, and no objection to raising the bowling fees to cover the increase in lanes fees. There were a lot of faces missing, so I wasn't able to turn in completed team rosters to T. before I left. I didn't stay to bowl, because I was still in pretty bad shape from the travel and not enough sleep. I stopped by Cingular on the way home, to have them put my phone number into my old phone until I could find out what happened to the one I left on the plane, and then went home and crashed.

The boys worked a bit on de-cluttering the house while I napped, and by the evening I finally felt human again. It helped a bit to get that phone call from Phoenix. Southwest found my phone, and we made arrangements for them to mail it to me, three day shipping. When I get it, I'll get my phone number switched back to it.

I got caught up on Live Journal before taking Flood to obedience class, and then on email after I got home. We're re-taking the class because the schedule just didn't work out when I was in Louisville, and have started at a point where she already knows the commands. I'll have to miss next week, for Worldcon, but after that we won't have to miss any classes, and I think the class will really benefit Flood.

After I finished up email, Critter and I took a look at the SimCity card game that Wolf gave us. I'm not certain we were playing the rules out properly, but it was kind of interesting. I think it will be more fun with more people, thus more cards in play, etc. We got up to phase three before bedtime, anyway.

I don't have to wake by a particular time in the morning, so I shan't. When I do, I expect to feel at least as good as I do tonight (where my left ear is just slightly more pressure than usual, with more tickle than pain). If so, I've plenty to do tomorrow:
  • clean the jacuzzi room and kitchen
  • vaccuum and mop
  • unpack from the trip
  • make phone calls and finalize the bowling teams
  • plan food for the sleepover and go grocery shopping
  • look into what needs doing before the boys go back to school

  • It helps to make a list, anyway.

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