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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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Anime-me meme
Courtesy of roina_arwen:

Which of my current icons...

1. ...is your Favorite and why?
2. ...is your Least Favorite and why?
3. ...would you like some context for?
4. ...have you never noticed I even had before?
5. ...do you most associate with me?

Thanks for the commentary! :)

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Favorite: 'me', cause it's you. Good smile on that one too.
Least favorite: "Missing Icon". I have to struggle to read the last two words.
Context please: AudreyII, Pi Day
Never noticed you had: A lot. ;)
Most Associated: PWP Cartouche, me, Relaxation, Busy Day

Audrey is the name for that part of me that craves, lusts, desires, that part of me which is insatiable, thoughtless need. Audrey II was the plant that Seymour found, nurtured and fed in Little Shop of Horrors.

Pi Day is March 14, ie, 3.14.

I love all your raccoon icons and your wonder bitch.

The anime one I would love to know context for.

Most associate? Any Raccoon, especially the busy one.

I made the anime me when "everyone else was doing it" and gave her an empty talk bubble. Often, when I post a meme, I don't have anything "real" to say. Thus, a not-real me, not saying anything.

Favorite: Sunflower; Twinned Daisy; Anime Me
Least Fave: Bad Day & Missing Icon - both hard to read.
Context: Cranky (she doesn't *look* cranky - she's smiling!)
Never Noted: Flutterby; Maccoon - don't recall you ever using them, unless they're new.
Most Associate: Anime Me; License Plate

Kathy Bates is known for her cranky roles in Fried Green Tomatoes and Misery. when I searched out a picture of her, that's what I found. I was specifically thinking of the mood for the scene which produced the quote: "I'm older, and I have more insurance."

I don't remember if I've used Flutterby; I posted using Maccoon when I was specifically Mac-geeking a while back.

Re: Kathy Bates

Here's an image that I found where she actually *looks* almost cranky. Just, y'know, in case you wanted a more appropriate looking cranky icon. :)

*pout* broken link..

Sorry bout that... it looked like it worked at the time!

Here's two addresses, different pics of Kathy but both more "cranky".

This one is actually from Fried Green Tomatoes, and I just found it this morning when searching out the other one: http://www.movieactors.com/freezeframes-77/friedgreen120.jpeg

And this is a (I think different) link than the initial one that I posted (or tried to) above: http://www.celebrities.pl/kathy_bates/kathy4.jpg

Ooh cool, I will replace the icon with a color version. Thank you. :)

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