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Minikin's Journal

Routine Ramblings of an Occasionally Interesting Housewife

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The rest of Spring Break
I never did get around to posting about the rest of vacation.


16 minutes in The Container Store - possibly my fastest trip there, ever.
Got Critter's hair cut and played with a puppy at Mom's friend's who cuts hair. She complimented me on my haircut, preen.
Saw the Alamo. Took the boat tour on the Riverwalk.
Met Daddy for dinner at Texas Land and Cattle Company.
Shopped at the Apple Store - Mom and Dad got Playuh a shuffle for his birthday; Flar and I got him an AC Adapter.


Drove to the Dr. Pepper Museum & back.
Stopped by at Tiger and Cougar's for all of 30 minutes.
Bought souvenirs and a case of Dublin Dr. Peppers.

Pattern: Mom will complain about a drive, predicting much traffic. Then she will go, over her own protests. Then she will proclaim the traffic to have not been so bad. Not sure why this irritates me as much as it does.


Travel day; saw Lucky Sleven in the evening. Good movie. See it. Enjoy it. Pay attention to the details.

home now. back to busy, after sleeping in.