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Mother and Child: Day Nine

Longer Day.

This morning I got up when my alarm went off, and packed before dealing with the dogs, which meant we left the house later than I was planning. On the way to the bowling alley, I decided that my ear needed attention sooner rather than later, and called my FP for an appointment. When they offered 10am, I took it, hoping that youth bowling signups would be quick. Fortunately, they were. We got Tigger registered with the Bantams, paid his sanction fee, and left.

My ear was apparently inflamed enough that the doctor couldn't see my eardrum, even with the tiny ear funnel. So he prescribed Motrin 800 for inflammation, Cipro ear drops for an outer ear infection, and oral Cipro, just in case it's more extensive. Sydb was timing her recent wait for Roo's vaccination (albeit without appointment); I was out of the office and headed to the pharmacy by 10:23am.

While CVS was filling the prescriptions, Tigger and I had breakfast at the Waffle House right hext door. Then we drove to Toys R Us to get some books to occupy Tigger in case he got bored at Cinder's, and mailed the bills I prepared last night, and got cash for the trip and for Kittybane to use for groceries for Tigger if necessary, and then went to Cinder's.

Good thing we brought the books. There wasn't a lot of anonymous hauling to do yet, as Cinder was thinking out the big, heavy stuff. Phaeton was there, with the rest of Random, to move the big stuff. The w/d, roll top and dresser were already loaded, and they got various other heavy things while I sat and talked, mostly. Cinder realized she was going to need a break before she could use help, so she kicked us all out.

I took Tigger over to visit Barbar and Starmaiden, and he read the new Mouse book to Barbar: If You Take a Mouse to School. She really liked all the illustrations. I feel like the illustrations really make this series of books.

When we got home, after we walked the dogs, Tigger watched TV while I took a bubblebath. Ah, luxury. To feel clean at all does feel like a luxury, while my ear is too sore for showering.

After this break, we went over to Cinder's and started loading boxes into the truck. Tigger carried quite a bit of it, and was eager to help, even when it we weren't sure what was next. At one point, I cleared out the laundry room so he'd have a place he could just bounce his ball and get rid of some energy.

We worked until 8, when Tigger remembered about his programs on Animal Planet, and Lori said she could use some more pack-alone time, so we went home. Tigger had worked so hard helping, that I let him run in to watch Animal Planet, and I took care of walking the dogs and giving them dinner, myself. By the time I was ready to take them in, the Papa John's delivery guy showed up with dinner.

I stuck the dogs in their crate and served out some of the pizza. The rest is easy food while Kittybane is taking care of Tigger. I got a chance to rest, read email and live journal, and by then, it was time to go back and help load more of the truck.

I helped with the desk and the filing cabinet, and then packed up what as left of the pots and pans and dishes in the kitchen. I was starting to wonder what to tackle next, when Cinder said she wanted to load the futon and sleep here tonight. So we loaded it up, locked up, and left.

My ear is bothering me more right now. I'm going to have a couple more of the chocolate donuts that Lori brought, and more water, then sleep.

I won't be taking my laptop on this trip -- only so much room on the truck as it is.

It looks like Mother and Child have survived the adventure. Now to drive safely to California.

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