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Spring Break in Texas

We're spending Spring Break in Texas with Mom and Dad.

Today was a travel day. We left the house at 9amEDT, with Critter at the wheel of the station wagon. I think I'm over the anger from last night vis-a-vis Bébé and getting the wagon back from him, but I'm increasingly aware that I can't be around him without getting my buttons pushed badly.

Tigger forgot to pack the books he's supposed to read over Spring Break, but fortunately Playuh is flying tomorrow, and will bring them. This is the third trip on which Tigger has forgetten to bring sunglasses, so I bought him a pair that we will leave here in Texas. After we got through security, we got to be an at-gate greeting party for Dubheach, home from her travels to the far west.

Our flights to Houston via St. Louis, and on to San Antonio were uneventful. We found an empty row for all three of us to sit on each flight, even the one where we only had B boarding passes.

Mom and Dad were in baggage claim to greet us, and whisked us off to Pappasito's as soon as we had collected our bags.

After dinner, Critter got to dig into the new iMac that Mom and Dad bought to replace their Cube. We're bringing home the cube, a pair of speaker, keyboard, mouse, as well as the freebies that came with the new order, a digitizing tablet and a printer.

Tomorrow we leave by 5am to drive to Houston so that Critter can tour Rice. Playah is arriving at 2:50pm, and then we'll stay in a hotel in Seabrook (with free wi-fi) and go to the Houston Space Center on Tuesday before we drive home.

That leaves Wednesday and Thursday to get to the Apple Store, the Container Store, the Alamo, the Riverwalk and the Dr. Pepper Museum. Not the laziest vacation.

Friday will be another travel day, so that Critter will be able to get plenty of sleep before he takes the ACT on Saturday.

sleep now.

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