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Out with a fizzle

Tigger was unhappy with his performance at the State Individual Tournament, but he had fun, anyway.

His first game was against a teammate - note the individual nature of the tournament. Good news bad news was his report: "J won; I was playing J." Skittles was set up in the patio area for the hotel's indoor pool. Ro and Knight stayed with me in Skittles for part of the time, then Tigger and I were on our own until Flar and Critter and Playuh showed up with lunch. At lunchtime, we moved across the hallway to the ballroom space, where control of outside food appeared to be lacking.

Tigger lost his second game in with what he called stupidity - he fell for a four move checkmate -- he knows better than that. Flar and Critter eventually left again to pick up dinner, and Knight returned, sans Ro. Tigger won his third game of the day, then we left to pick up Ro, then see V for Vendetta.

This morning, Tigger did not want to get up early enough to eat breakfast before his first game, which he lost, and then joined us for breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Skittles had moved from downstairs to a rather smallish room upstairs, so Ro and Knight and I settled on a couch in the lobby, instead. Flar and Critter and Playuh dropped by for a bit, then went out to shop for a birthday present for Bébé. Tigger won his last game, against another teammate, and declared that he didn't need to stay for trophies. We all met up on the Mall area Pizza Hut for lunch, then headed for home.

I'm pretty sure this is the last tournament of the season, although I think there will be a farmer's market chess event again, in April or May.

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