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The weekend

Working backwards, quickly.

Mah Jongg. Played more quickly this time, very close scores, Knight won. Not jittery around Dorian - until he bit me during hugs g'bye. The big tease.

Knight's birthday - Watched Matt Helm after cake and prezzies after Mulligan's. I was not impressed with the food and held the service in serious contempt.

Alaska's visit - short but quite sweet. I got to meet her new beau, got to cuddle with her overnight.

Overall, I got lots of sleep but little housework. I've got a reasonably challenging list for tomorrow, which I can accomplish if I wake up all energetic. We shall see. At least I have a list:
  • Breakfast
  • Laundry
  • Sayre Drop off
  • Post Office
  • Bathrooms
  • Lincoln Room
  • Jacuzzi top
  • Kitchen Table
  • Counters
  • Handwash dishes
  • Phone Calls
  • Update Quicken
  • Bills
  • Next Auction
  • Bank?
  • Post Office?
  • Sayre Pick-up
  • Bedroom
  • Family Room
  • Pantry
  • Work

This will be a list worth updating. ;)
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