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Survivor:the Sleepover Edition

We're down to two boys. The first dropout was not planning to join us after bowling, in the first place. The second dropout didn't make it to dinner-time. He wasn't getting along with the other boys, and called his mom before even asking me to intervene (this does not go far to get my sympathy). The third dropout lasted through the night and most of the morning, then lost his temper -- held in check for much of the party, I suspect, as he didn't want to play the games being played. The fourth to leave wasn't so much as a dropout as he was an early departure. Then we had two on-time pickups overlap each other

Meantime, Bébé showed up with Scarlett 30 minutes before the party was supposed to be over, proceeded from being mildly rude to indignant (over me forgetting to meet them on Monday, for which I'd passed along an apology via Flar), and well, since Tigger had already gone back to his party (as I'd predicted), I kicked Bébé out. I shall write a formal apology to mail to Scarlett while Tigger is writing his thank you cards. Doesn't help me get over having insults hurled in my face in my own house. I *did* get Tigger to go stand in the rain, forcing Bébé to talk to him before he left the property.

There's going senile, and there's refusing to even bother with a thin veneer over being a complete asshole. I do not plan to spend any time with Bébé in the foreseeable future.

Oh, and on a completely different tangent, if you insist on speaking to someone's animals in single word commands, at least be willing to learn what those commands ARE. In the AKC Obedience Trials-compliant training course that Flood and I took, DOWN does not actually mean "stop jumping" and is a more advanced command than OFF, NO or SIT. Yes, she barely scraped through the class with a low-pass, and we've back-slid horribly since, on account of not doing the daily training, but Flood CAN be stopped from jumping. It only confuses her to be shouted at using the wrong commands.
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