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Was wondering how you were.

Idly thinking of someone, I sent drive-by email hugs, which short exchange ended with the above quote. It occurs to me that I haven't been very visible lately.

{checks journal}

Yep, meme posts and snippets since a one-fell-swoop, cut-tagged weekend update.

I'm fine. I'm Not Old Yet (tm), although at this point quite looking forward to becoming officially old when it happens. My weeks are filled with working, sleeping, shortened sleep in order to fit myself into over-ambitious schedules, a disaster of a house that desperately needs cleaning, and the occasional bout of air-journalling, otherwise known as writing posts in my head which I don't ever have time to get into print.

I'm doing a lot of thinking about church and my spiritual health and the current series on Sunday mornings. For quite some time now, I've been thinking of not so much "coming out" at church as HOW to broach, and what, subjects with my Life Group. I started an email that is still in a text file, right after I got home from retreat. It will expand as I give it time, and quite probably be the avenue of approach, as I often hide behind text for initiating Big Stuff. Meanwhile, feeling quite PART of my group, not nearly at all "weird outsider."

I found out this morning that C's daughter was named after the Trinity in Matrix, not the heavenly one. Seems she did the walk-the-walls stunt in utero. C mentioned wanting to watch the Matrix series again and pick it apart for spiritual references, and I'd love to do that with her.

Meanwhile, back on the physical plane of reality, I'm mostly keeping bills paid and supplies purchases and clean clothing available, but I've been out the last few weekends AND Mondays, so I've fallen behind on getting the house to look good, or feeling like I have extra time for projects.

Flar has come up with (courtesy Flyrod) the theme for this year's PWP, which will be another laid-back version without the scripted RSVP page, etc. The theme will be Arabian Nights, and there's a chance (I give it 20% right now) that the family room will be empty of everything but pillows, low tables and a new AV system. Don't know if the emptying will be bothered with, if the AV system doesn't get purchased. I'm still planning to use my 20% coupons at BB&B on floor pillows in the upcoming weeks.

The week in specifics...

Monday, I was called for Jury Duty in the morning. I rescheduled my pedicure for Thursday, which was a good call. Even though I didn't get picked for the trial, the Voir Dire lasted past noon. Up early, and still not home long enough to be particularly useful. I did finally get at least the fixtures in the master bath cleaned, having put off similar cleaning throughout the weekend. I had a full night of work, but got there late, as I'd never gotten around to ripping an audio book that was now overdue.

Tuesday, I slept until 2pm, then went into high gear to get breakfast, paper, online time and dinner prep all out of the way in time to get to chess club. We got home latish from chess club, as there was traffic on the alternate route home created by the evening errands. I think I managed a total of three loads of laundry between Monday and Tuesday, and there's a large, unsorted, unfolded pile of clean still sitting atop the jacuzzi.

Wednesday, I had BSF in the morning, then lunch and an ebay auction at home, before getting Tigger from school. The auction ended early with a buy it now, so I was able to go ahead and ship the sale on the way to work that evening. Another full night. Watching Smallville now. Knight assures me that it improves from Krytonite-generated monster of the week after the first season.

Thursday, I met Spydie for breakfast and put a 20" monitor in the back of her car, then had my bi-monthly pedicure, followed by lunch with Knight at Brooklyn Pizza. After I picked Tigger up from school, we picked up Critter, who had just arrived from a field-trip up north somewhere to watch Shakespeare. I gave Critter his second lesson on the stick that night, and he can now reliably put the car into gear. When he remembers to consciously think about it. He now needs to work on slow-speed maneuvering, and then shifting. He was able to pull out onto Kohl's Rd. from the parking lot a couple of times, from driveways with a slight slope to them. I worked again last night, and literally fell asleep at the desk, finishing up the episode I was on when I clocked out.

Today, I got up early enough to take Tigger to school, and then help the other chess parents set up the table for the pep rally. Yes, Sayre had a pep rally for the chess club today, including "Go Chess Club" cheers and running to the floor introductions. One of the moms had made 3' tall styrofoam chess pieces and another had made a banner. Pictures will follow later, or check out the web site.

After the pep rally, I got to Life Group late, but I didn't miss out on playing Taboo. Lots of good talk and fun. Then I picked up some stuff and Meijer and napped with Knight and Ro. Poor Knight's back is out, again. :(

Tonight, I fixed yummy dinner and got Flar to plan the next week before releasing him to an early bed-time. I am currently the only one left awake in the house, as all have retired to bed. I am planning to bathe, dye my hair, blow it dry, then bed myself.

Tomorrow, the State Chess tourny is at the Hyatt downtown, where I'll be camped out with other chess parents from around 8:30am until possibly 7pm. I've got the Pickwick Papers, Captivating, Velocity and sermons on SD, and coupons to clip/sort/trash. I'll probably also bring my current knitting project. We may not be allowed to bring in outside food, but I'll bring my entertainment. ;)

Sunday is church, grocery shopping and Mah Jongg.

But now, for bubbles and book and wine and chocolate!
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