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Mother and Child: Day Seven

Today was a pretty busy day, and fairly productive.

Before we left the house to meet Knight and Grace at the bowling alley, I waved to Helpers One and Two and gave a check to Farmer for Work So Far, no wait -- that check was written yesterday. Technically the check writing still happened before the bowling. Just not today. ;)

We took our time at the bowling alley, since we were pre-bowling the game that Knight and I will have to miss on Tuesday while we're driving to CA. Grace took had T with her, and I had Tigger with me. We entered them in as pacers and bowled.

I had a final average of 142 from the Tuesday Tigers last year, and I ended up with a 143 average for the series. I've conveniently forgotten the details right now. Timothy bowled a 98, 76 & 77. He was pleased; he remembers his average from the Bantams as being 76.

After bowling, Grace invited Tigger to spend the rest of the day with them, and Knight went home to sleep (he worked last night and tonight), so I was on my own.

I remembered to get the finals for the Non-Burly League -- My first task for tomorrow is to pull up the Prize Distribution Spreadsheet and fill in the final point counts.

I remembered to write down the information for all the evening mixed and women's leagues for Spydie -- My second task for tomorrow is to email them to Spydie.

I remembered to gas up at Sam's -- whose price was 11 cents cheaper than the BP at the corner.

I remembered to go to the allergist.

I remembered to call and reschedule the spa guy, and found out that would give me time to go ahead and pick up the Triptiks.

I wheedled two triptiks out of AAA, by asking nicely, and being able to say why yes, Knight is also a member of AAA -- can you look him up?

At home, I walked the dogs, ate lunch, called Turnip to wish him a Happy Anniversary, and then swept, vacuumed & mopped the kitchen, while talking to the spa guy, and then Turnip on the phone, and then Grace, when she brought the kids back. She kept me company while I finished up the mopping & drying, helped me move chairs back into the kitchen, sat and talked awhile, then helped me walk the dogs while I showed her the Fence-in-Progress.

After Grace left, I sat down and checked email and live journal, then started in on the family room. Date night with Knight turned into a fix-it-up night -- as he helped fix the dog-gate that Flood's been so hard on, and I fixed-up the family room by: vacuuming, putting away games, sorting through other various piles, cleaning up the top of the TV and just generally making the room look right.

At that point it was well past time to feed and walk the dogs, and then feed ourselves, while we watched The New Guy. I really enjoyed the movie.

Then we took out the trash and recycling, and really, I'm beginning to believe the house will look acceptable to Flar when he gets home.

After date night, I sat down to check email and live journal and write this up and plan tomorrow:
  • Pick up Cinder at 8:45 to go pick up the rentaltruck.
  • Maybe see about getting a walk-in appointment with my ear doctor.

    My left ear has a perforated eardrum that healed with a small flap, rather than closed; it's kind of like having a tube in my ear, and I can make it whistle, for instance. But today, my ear is hurting somewhat, and there's been lots of clear drainage out of it. Tomorrow, if it feels like it does right now, or worse, then I'll see about getting in to see either my ear doctor or my family practice doctor.

  • Figure out the Prize Distribution for the Non-Burley League
  • Write up the evening league info for Sydie
  • Tackle the mail, the checkbook and bills
  • Make traveling cookies
  • Drop by the Coupon Trade that Demariana has organized
  • Help Cinder move her w/d to Barbar's house, if Barbar is buying them
  • Help Cinder start to load the truck
  • pack

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