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Family Game Night, capping off the weekend.

Never quite got around to the cleaning that I had planned for Friday night. Instead, I got a nice nap in the afternoon, cut short by Critter and Tigger pulling me awake. Critter drove us all to Chili's for dinner, then to Lowe's for lightbulbs. At Lowe's, we were caught by the lure of really pretty lights, and ended up buying new desk lights for Critter and I, and a new suspended light for Tigger.

When we got home, I cleaned the right side of my desk to replace the pen mugs with the new light and pen cups, and then had to repair the lens on the led bulb of Critter's new light. Go JB Weld. :)

I got to visit with Stealth and Flar for a bit when they arrived home from the concert, then had to turn in early (for me), in order to get Tigger to his Saturday commitments.

Saturday morning, Tigger had an extra chess session, to prepare for the state tournament next weekend. He is first alternate for the four-board competition. While the coach was going over strategy with the boys, we parents made plans to get a meeting room in the hotel for the day -- the tournament has four scheduled rounds, and the day is expected to last until around 7pm.

After chess, Tigger and I had a filling breakfast at Denny's. I didn't do the 100% tip thing, but I did leave a 30% tip, as the waitress was at the tailend of an extremely busy shift, and seemed worn out.

Then we spent four hours at the psychologist's office, for Tigger to complete all his testing. Many of the tests have no time limit, and my boy has a lot of persistence. We'll get a full report from the psych a week from Monday, after he's had a chance to do all the scoring, and when we could get Flar there. ;)

While Tigger was having fun (his word, not mine) taking tests, I finished a book, organized my purse, read my email, caught up on LJ and then turned to listening to my book-on-SD. Never at a loss for self-entertainment, me.

Last night, I got caught up on SciFiFriday, and miscellaneous other TiVo offerings, while I cleaned up the countertop and sinks and hand-wash in the kitchen. I watched the last bits to chill out a bit before bed, and give the dogs more couch time. The funny thing is, they've learned that sound the speakers make when the TV is powered down means Crate Time. They all went from totally relaxed to perked up and ready to move.

Made it to church again today. Two weeks in a row is starting to make it a habit again.

After church, we dropped by Scarlett's house so that Critter could help Bébé fix his computer. (He showed him how to use the the format document menu in Apple Works, apparently.) I chatted with Scarlett and showed her my knitting loom, while she fixed a cake. We stayed around a bit longer just to visit, and then headed over to Lowe's for lightbulbs and a ceiling fixture box.

Once we got home, Tigger and Critter did all the running around and attic bits for Flar to install Tigger's new light. After Tigger was done cleaning up the resultant mess in his room, and Flar and I had finished negotiating the menu for the week, we all descended on the kitchen for dinner/gaming.

For the second week in a row, we played Ninja Burger for Family Game Night. For the second week in a row, I won. This week, I played the Neko Otome character. Tigger has gone up to bed, and Flar and Critter are filling out the ACT registration. The current registration also includes a rather comprehensive questionaire. Flar and Critter are having quite a lot of fun with the questions actually. Flar just mentioned teeming mobs.

The rest of my evening will be spent making out the shopping list (having fired Flar, the task devolves on me) and preparing a Phase I sack lunch for tomorrow during jury duty.

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