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Busy day

I meant to get up and do all sorts of stuff before Demariana came over today, but I shall blame interrupted sleep ... Flar called me at 8:30am, there were at least two wrong numbers... Demariana cheerfully woke me after noon, and we had a nice visit. Chicken salad sandwiches, doggy scritching and chit chat.

Then she followed me over to Dr. Bizer's and lent me a woman's opinion. Last week, I chose the cheaper pair of frames and it's been on my mind since then. I went back to buy the other frames I'd considered, but I couldn't find them. She helped me pick out an even cuter pair, and I paid the difference in price out of my spending money from this week's paycheck. I have to wait another week for the glasses, but I think I'll be much happier with them.

Once I got home, and after Knight came over, Critter drove us all to Sam's, Dr. Bizer's, Great Clips and Shoe Carnival. Knight played the role of instructor passenger, so I got to sit in the back. Critter's driving is getting better, and Knight had various suggestions.

We made a major Sam's run, picked up Critter's glasses, and got Knight's hair cut. We walked over to Jimmy John's for dinner, then stopped at Shoe Carnival to "pick up shoe-laces for Critter."

Heh, they let me go in all by myself. Unescorted, I am rather proud of leaving the store for less than $35 total. Flar was more impressed by my new granny boots when he heard that the original Carnival price was $80. I paid $30 for the boots, and in a buy one get one free, I got a pair of sparkly flats for free. :)

No indexing tonight, which has freed me up to watch the first four hours of guilty pleasures (Passions) and finish up the laundry for the week. I'm leaving the house tomorrow at 3:30 to go over to the church to meet the other ladies in my Life Group, and then we're heading to Aldersgate for an overnight retreat. I was going to pack tonight, but I've decided to concentrate on laundry and general decluttering tonight, then pack tomorrow.

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