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My romantic Valentine's

I've got a whole hour to make one valentine, and then another hour to make the last three, so I've time to write about my day, first.

Firstly, I got to sleep in. I was trapped by a sunbeam, so I called Flar to talk myself awake by eleven. Then I got up to do some laundry, tackle valentines, and ready for the day. Critter wanted to make a Sam's run today, but that's been pushed off until tomorrow.

When I entered the kitchen, it was to the sight of roses and a card.

Even without knowing that the card was from Flar, the graphics would have clued me in that it wasn't from Knight: Two penguins in bed. On the front cover he's tell her: "For Valentine's Day. Tonight I'm going to let you have what you desire -- ALL NIGHT LONG!" When I opened the card, the covers on the bed move to cover only her side of the bed, to the caption "THE COVERS!" (Which makes it even more fun that we ended the evening by making the bed together, which tends to mean we both get covers for at least one night.) His valentine is getting to sleep before me, since I can fall asleep through his snores, and not vice versa. Well, and a dancing skunk that sings "How Sweet It Is" and scares the dogs. And a homemade card with optional bookmark. I doubt I will ever break him of breaking spines. ;)

Along with the "Happy 27th Valentine's Day," Flar had written on the card "Come with me to see 'Carousel' at the Opera House March 31st. Which means that my valentine's is lasting a month and a half. woot! People really just don't sing that way any more. The soprano of "Mister Snow" the bass of "If I Loved You" well, anyway. I love the music, and I've never seen the play! He chose well. :)

Then I threw in the first load of laundry, and sat down to scan stamping pages from yesterday. I've only scratched the surface of Quicktime Pro, but at least I can now put together more than one image, and even add a bit of a sound track. Earlier valentines did not benefit from sound. I was taking a kind of leisurely push at it, scanning all the graphics, taking time out to visit with Knight when he came over.

He brought a bought card and matching gift bag that both looked homemade (his goal), and truly represent me, since their all stripey colored goodness and glitter. He added a pure yellow rose to the roses that Flar had gotten (his are the color of the ones in our wedding). He also bought me a box of Whitman's s-f, and the dragon clasp I want for my cloak. His card was a blank card, with a wonderful, meaningful message inside: "From the moment that I realized that I loved you, I knew that it would last forever." For Knight, I got a dancing red devil that sings Burning Love.

(Ro beat them both to the Valentine's punch, and through the mail, no less, but the card isn't in here, so it's not getting recorded right now. Hers was also a special message, though. Me, I'm lucky to remember to sign mine.)

I was originally going to make all the e-cards yesterday, and send them today, but then they ended up being sorted by timezone. And I would have one to send to GMT+0 no less. :) I got that and two others mailed before dinner.

Weeks ago, I made reservations for Knight and Ro and Flar and I to double to the Merrick Inn. Limited menu, but reasonably priced, and with yummy choices. Long ago, I figured out that I like celebrating Valentines, and when we can afford to splurge, dinner out is preferable to dinner in -- that way there's less cleaning. When we do dinner in, we tend to alternate who pampers whom, though. So tonight we got dressed up all nice (no tie or jackets for the boys, but Ro and I went all out with makeup and hose -- but no pics! ack), and spent I think 2.5 hours eating a meal. Bacon-wrapped shrimp, artichoke-shrimp souffle, lobster bisque, lettuce wedge salad, beef, lobster, wall-eyed pike, comfort sides, chocolate cake, crème brulée, french silk pie, and bread pudding. Lots of yummy food, and lunch tomorrow (if I remember to get mine out of Flar's trunk).

We stopped in at Ro and Knight's after, but there wasn't enough time for a chick-flick, so we watched Boston Legal and then came home. Flar helped me fix the covers on the mattress, then I came in to finish up and send out the rest of my e-cards.

Now for more fun with pictures.

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